3 Tips On How To Beat Quarantine Insomnia

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As many moms adjust to their new normal – they find getting a good night’s sleep is nearly impossible.

From feeling an overabundance of stress in trying to figure out a new schedule for their home to working overtime to keep all the plates in the air– sleep is often one of the first things that is sacrificed.

The good news is, with a few tips you can fight back against insomnia, and get a much-needed night of sleep.

After all – if you’re tired and not feeling your best – there’s no way you can do all you need to do for your family.

Taking care of your health is important!

Here are a few ways to beat quarantine insomnia.


Start Your Bedtime Routine Early

If you find yourself struggling to sleep at night – begin your nighttime routine early – we’re talking as early as 3pm!

Don’t drink caffeine after 3pm (also be mindful of taking medication with caffeine like Excedrin) if you want to sleep.

Instead, switch to a caffeine-free herbal tea to sip on something warm at night to help put your mind at ease – think soothing teas like licorice or chamomile.

Make sure you stop watching TV or staring at your phone at least 2 hours before bed.

The blue light messes with our circadian rhythm (which helps regulate our sleep) and makes it difficult for our brains to shut down.


Keep Your Room Peaceful

If you’re working from home – as much as possible try and keep all work-related items outside of your room.

Move your desk to another area of your house if you can.

Refuse to answer work emails or calls from bed!

Each time you enter your room, you should feel a sense of calm and peace.

But if you have a pile of unfinished work staring at you on your desk it can create anxiety – the last thing you need before you sleep!

Make it a point to keep your room tidy and introduce items that help you sleep better like blackout curtains or comfy sheets.

Don’t forget to keep the home at a cool temperature, and even consider a white noise machine to help you doze off.

And yes – put your phone on silent.


Get It Out Of Your Head

Perhaps you’re the type who can’t sleep because you’re always thinking about something – like all the things you have to do tomorrow.

Being stuck at home means your load is even heavier, and you might be experiencing a real sense of anxiety – not to mention collective grief.

Consider keeping a notepad by your bed and writing down anything that comes to your mind right before bed.

The goal is to get it out of your mind (so you can relax) and on paper (so you don’t forget).

Taking a few moments to write in a gratitude journal can also do wonders to help you focus on the good things that happened today instead of the bad.

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Depending on the age of your children – you’ll need to set boundaries.

If your kids are constantly coming into your room and wanting to crawl into bed with you or demanding something, it’s going to be hard to sleep!

Determine what time works best for your family to eat breakfast – if it’s 8am, and your 9-year old wakes up at 6:30am, teach them to spend some time in their room – either reading a book or cleaning their room – instead of trouncing in your room to wake you up.

Since you’re all at home now – develop a clear schedule that is posted for all to see to help keep some sanity in your life.

Being quarantined can disrupt your life, but it doesn’t have to give you endless sleepless nights.

With a few adjustments, you can learn to fight back against insomnia, and experience some much-needed shuteye.

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