86 Surgeries Later – This Woman Has A Warning to Moms About Sunscreen

 With summer just around the horizon – many women are looking forward to the days of laying outside to soak in the sunshine.

And while most women know tanning beds are dangerous, many ladies still feel the pull towards the outdoor sun and assume getting a golden tan can’t really be “that bad”.

But one woman’s horrific tale about her desire to be “tan” has led to over 86 surgeries, and now she is determined to make sure no other woman experiences the horrors she’s had to endure.

It all started when Lisa became unhappy with her pale skin and freckles and began tanning at the age of 17.

Thinking it was harmless and addicted to the compliments she received from her newly bronzed skin, she kept tanning.

But now at the young age of 44, Lisa is currently battling skin cancer and has had a whopping 86 surgeries to remove cancer from her body.

Her desire for bronzed skin has led her to battle for her life and now she must continue to have surgeries every couple of months to remove cancer from her body.

Determined to bring about something good from her experience, Lisa is sounding the alarm and warning other women about her battle with skin cancer, and her words should serve as a serious warning to all of us about the dangers of the sun and remind us the importance of taking precautions when stepping outside.

Hoping to spare other women from making the same mistakes she made, Lisa posted the following to her Facebook page:

“As prom season & spring break are approaching, please rethink that 10-30-minute tanning bed session. The concentrated delivery of UV light is very dangerous. There is no such thing as a “base tan.”  Be confident enough in yourself to know you are beautiful to those who matter most without a tan.  If you don’t stop tanning now, the chances of you waking up one day with skin cancer is very likely. I tanned some in high school & even more in college. I have had over 80 skin cancer surgeries. No one told me to stop…. so, I’m telling you. It’s just not worth it. Besides, you’re gona end up using a filter for that perfect picture anyway…. save your skin.”

Her warning to other women is striking and the truth is — it could happen to any one of us.

Even if you’ve never used a tanning bed, you are still in danger from the sun.

Skin cancer is on the rise, and it’s deadly.

Scary Mommy reported:

“More people are diagnosed with skin cancer each year than with all other cancers combined. The most dangerous form of skin cancer, melanoma, will affect almost 100,000 people this year, and 7,000 will die of the disease. At the same time, rates of diagnosis are soaring as a generation of people who were told tanning is attractive pay the price for decades spent sunning and tanning.”

So, ladies, this summer make sure to take smart precautions when stepping outside.

Wear a hat and sunglasses, and long lightweight clothing.

Avoid being outside during the hottest hours (12pm-3pm) – and don’t let the clouds fool you!

Even if it’s cloudy, the rays of the sun can still penetrate.

And don’t even think about stepping outside without sunscreen.

While there are many toxic brands on the market, you can find natural brands that will protect you from the rays.

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And to you pregnant gals– getting burned while in the sun can even harm your baby!

Lisa’s story is tragic, and while we can’t always prevent cancer, as much as it depends on us we can do our part and be smart.

Even if you despise your pale skin, having a golden glow isn’t worth your life.

Were you shocked to hear Lisa has had 86 surgeries to remove skin cancer?

What are some ways you help keep your body protected from the sun?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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