A Christian Entered A Pro-LGBT Event, And Now There Is A Bounty For His Life

When one Christian man attended a “gay pride” parade in hopes to spread light and speak truth, he suffered horrific persecution.

But not only did he face persecution at the event, his entire life continues to be stripped away from him.

And now, LGBT activists are working overtime to destroy his entire life, and are desperate to use him as an example to others on what can happen for speaking out against the LGBT agenda.

The man being attacked is a Christian man, who works as a bus driver to feed his young family.

Being a man of faith, he decided to take a brave stand for truth, and enter into a dark place – the heart and center of a pro-LGBT parade.

He passed out information warning of the dangers of leading a same-sex lifestyle, while at the same time speaking of how Jesus can save those stuck in a lifestyle of sin, if they simply put their faith in Christ.

But not only was this man reprehended on the spot, he continues to suffer harassment and torment for simply passing out brochures.

In order to make an example out of this Christian man, authorities actually took it one step further, and charged him with a “hate crime”, simply for talking about Jesus.

And if LGBT activists get their way, he’ll be locked up.

Because of the nature of his “crime”, this Christian could face up to 2 years in prison, simply for speaking out against the pro-LGBT lifestyle.

According to The Federalist, there was a nationwide warrant out for his arrest, and the Toronto Police posted a notice announcing the investigation of his “hate crime.”

Although this man already suffered time in jail, where he was denied food for over 24 hours, and access to medical treatment, if LGBT activists get their way, it’s up to 2 years in prison.

Those closest to the Christian man are adamant there is a massive coordinated effort to take him down.

The Federalist reported:

“He is a prisoner of conscience,” said Artur Pawlowski, Whatcott’s pastor and spokesman while Whatcott was in jail. Pawlowski claimed high-ranking Toronto officials had decided to “make an example” of Whatcott to “scare the Christians.”

Whatcott said his boss called him Tuesday afternoon to say, without explanation, that he had lost his employment as a bus driver.

At about the same time, Whatcott’s wife, Jadranka Whatcott, was kicked off of a GoFundMe page she had set up, money was returned to donors, and the previously active link is now defunct. Early Wednesday, Jadranka Whatcott set up a fundraising campaign on a smaller platform, asking for help, and stating that her husband was the “only financial provider” for the family, with children age 6 and 8.

The law under which Whatcott has been charged is considered an “indictable offense” punishable by imprisonment for up to two years and forfeitures.”

LGBT activists will insist all they want is “freedom” to express themselves and their beliefs without being excluded.

But nothing could be further from the truth.

If anyone dares to disagree with the LGBT way of life, they are deemed a target, and LGBT activists will work day and night to destroy that person’s life.

As Mommy Underground previously reported, they did this with the Christian baker, who suffered years of expenses and suffering all because he decided he didn’t want to bake a cake for a same-sex couple.

And Christian teachers can’t even refer to their students by their biological gender, without being accused of being discriminatory and intolerant.

This Christian man had every right to enter into a dark world to pass out information to spread the love of Jesus.

This latest incident comes down to the war between good and evil.

Christians continue to be attacked by out-of-control leftists who are determined to push the LGBT agenda as far as they can.

Now more than ever, Christians must continue to be bold and speak truth to a dark world who desperately needs the light of Christ.

Do you think this Christian man should face 2 years in prison for passing out literature speaking out against the LGBT lifestyle?

Why do you think LGBT activists have such a hatred towards Christians?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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