A Christmas Wish Granted For One Family After a Case of Blatant State Overreach

There can be nothing worse for parents than seeing their child suffering with a life-threatening illness.

Except being forcibly kept from their child and unable to comfort and hold them during this frightening time.

That’s exactly what happened to a Florida couple who have been through the worst nightmare imaginable as they fought for their son.

Four-year-old Noah McAdams was diagnosed with leukemia in April of 2019.

Like any parents would, his mother, Taylor, and father, Joshua, researched and learned all they could about what would make their child well again.

Noah started grueling chemotherapy sessions, but his parents wanted a second opinion about his care.  They sought to take him out of state to learn about homeopathic treatments, including cannabis.

Taylor and Joshua skipped a scheduled chemotherapy appointment and left for Kentucky to get a second opinion.

And that’s where things went terribly wrong.

As government overreach continues unchecked all over the country, states like Florida seem to think they have more rights over the welfare of our children than we who know them best.

Florida law allows the state to administer medical treatments to minors, even when the parents object.  

The couple was tracked down in Kentucky by law enforcement, and a judge ordered Noah to be removed from his parents’ care.

He was placed with his grandparents, but was left to continue the painful state-ordered treatments and endure terrible side effects without those he needed most – his mom and dad.

They worked alongside their attorney for nearly four months in order to regain custody of their son – precious months lost at the most critical time imaginable.

Taylor and Joshua were ordered to undergo psychiatric evaluations, all because they wanted a second opinion about their son’s treatment plan.

Their horrific tale is eerily similar to that of a Texas family who has spent years working to regain custody of their son after requesting a second opinion about his medical care.

The parents of Drake Pardo are still fighting to have their child returned home after time and again appearing in court – and despite admitted perjury on the part of Child Protective Services workers assigned to his case.

There are other parents across the country facing the same unimaginable threat – let the state make medical decisions for your child, or lose them.

Fortunately for Noah, his parents’ determination and love brought an end to the nightmare.  After passing their court-ordered evaluations and working toward an end with attorneys in the case, the McAdams were reunited.

They came to a compromise with Noah’s doctors in which he would continue chemotherapy, along with the homeopathic options his parents wished for.

He is now in remission and being monitored, but is doing well.

The McAdams’ attorney issued a statement following the ruling to return Noah to his parents, expressing their utter joy at being able to have their son home for Christmas.

Noah’s parents have yet to speak publicly, but their attorney added that they are satisfied with the outcome.  

Not only was their son returned to them, but they were able to raise awareness for the rights of parents to have the authority to seek second opinions and secondary treatment options.

What they are not satisfied with is the unnecessary stress the state put on both Noah and his family.  They will never get back the time they lost while separated from their son.

Mommy Underground sends our best wishes to the McAdams family for a blessed Christmas together as a family.

What do you think of the horrific rise in states trampling parental rights with regard to medical treatments for children?  Leave us your comments.

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