A New Product For Parents Is On The Way – But Is It Going Too Far?

Technological advancements over the past decades have been both a blessing and a curse for parents.

We have access to more information and ways to keep our kids safer, but both parents and children face distractions and dangers in this digital age.

Now there’s a new product coming on the market, combining technology with a basic staple in family homes – but is it too much?

Pampers has been at the forefront of the disposable diaper market for generations, but they face increasing competition from companies who provide more natural and environmentally-friendly options.

So in order to stay relevant, their research team has been working with thousands of parents to find new ways to improve on an old standard.

This fall, Pampers will introduce the “Lumi” system – and they’re not your ordinary diapers.

These diapers allow parents to attach a sensor that not only monitors when a child is wet or soiled, but their sleep routines and other aspects of their development.

But this new product has pediatricians – and many parents – saying, “enough already.”

Dr. Edith Bracho-Sanchez is one of these pediatricians, and she is saying what the rest of us should be thinking – that this product may just cause more anxiety for parents.

Dr. Sanchez discussed the product on Good Morning America, saying that parents do not need sensors to tell them when their children are hungry, tired, or not feeling well.

These are things that all parents learn in time – we come to understand how to interpret their cries and other signals to tell us when they need something.  

She also suggests that the cell phone app that collects and explains the data that the sensor picks up is just another distraction for parents.

Most importantly, that parents should be learning about their baby by spending time with their baby – not their phone.

The infant tracking monitor is by no means a new idea, and other products have come under fire in the past.  Sometimes, data is incorrect or wrong altogether, sending parents into an unnecessary panic.

And an important thing that parents should keep in mind is that this is another way for corporate America to collect personal data from consumers. 

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Do we really want Pampers to know what our babies are doing at all hours of the day?  And do we really need computer data to tell parents – who know their children better than anyone – how we should be raising them?

It sounds like a disturbing proposition when you think about it.

Pampers has not yet released details on what the product will cost, but with add-ons like cameras, it’s likely going to be a significant expense.

The consensus from the experts on this one is clear – save your money and trust your instincts.

What do you think about this new twist on a basic product – great idea or going too far?  Leave us your thoughts.