A Sickening New Product Aims To Groom – And Endanger – Our Children

It’s no secret that the progressive left has set its sights on targeting our children – grooming them to carry on their agenda.

Our kids and teens are bombarded with this agenda in all forms of media – and brainwashed in classrooms.

The next nail in the coffin is now available to our children, and all parents need to be aware of this latest move to undermine our values and authority.

Planned Parenthood, the nation’s largest abortion chain, rakes in millions in taxpayer funding each year, proudly claiming they help women.

They’ve spent years defending the claim that they provide preventative healthcare services to women – when in reality, the only thing they care to prevent is children being born.

Now they are on the attack again — partly to add to their false message that they provide services other than abortion, and partly to continue to reel our children in to help spread their agenda in the future.

Planned Parenthood has introduced a new product that puts them in charge of teaching children about sexuality and abortion, a “chatbox” called Roo.

Its innocent-sounding name (remember the baby kangaroo in Winnie the Pooh?) is anything but. 

The product is operated by artificial intelligence – a prospect scary in itself – to answer the questions of kids aged 13 to 17 regarding sex, gender, and abortion. 

Of course, they want to “eliminate the middleman” — us — parents who want to teach our children about these topics and our values ourselves.

Planned Parenthood CEO Leana Wen explains that the product is meant for children who “don’t have access to sex education or only have access to programs that teach abstinence.”

Apparently, teaching children abstinence is a no-no to Planned Parenthood who makes its fortune taking advantage of women who experience unplanned pregnancies.

Kids can anonymously ask Roo any question they like, and Planned Parenthood explains on their site that teens can “Ask and ask, again and again.  Roo gets a little bit smarter every time you ask a question.  The more you chat, the more Roo knows what answers are most helpful.  Cool, right?”

Not cool.  The fact that the technology evolves as children interact with it means there’s no telling how far into the progressives’ propaganda quicksand they will fall.

Some of the “frequently asked questions” that kids can choose from were reported by LifeSite News:

“What is an abortion?” results in “Abortion is a legal and safe way to end a pregnancy…”

“What’s the right age to have sex for the first time?” yields “It’s all about picking the right age for you…”

And when Roo is asked about getting birth control without parental consent, it answers that “parental permission is usually unnecessary” and that Planned Parenthood can help kids bypass their parents with a visit to one of its clinics.

And the kicker – when asked various forms of questions about abortion killing babies or when life really begins, Roo was unable to process an answer, suggesting instead that the user speak to a Planned Parenthood worker.

Not only is this new product a slap in the face to parental authority and a ploy to push a sickening anti-life agenda for profit, it is dangerous in other ways.

Artificial intelligence like this is another way to gather data about our children.  Their data can be sold to other progressive companies so our kids are inundated with propaganda that undermines parents and the values we want to preserve.

In fact, a Planned Parenthood spokesperson commented that “Planned Parenthood knows that young people need…accurate information…and research has shown that chatbot technology can lower users’ fears and increase their willingness to disclose personal information.”

Yes, the abortion giant wants to know everything they can about America’s young people.

They want to groom them to carry on their agenda, eradicating traditional values until there is nothing left but their “new norm.”

CEO Leana Wen recently admitted that abortion is the “core mission” of Planned Parenthood.

Now, she’s trying to make the organization “the nation’s largest provider of sex education,” saying Roo is a “credible” resource for teaching our children about these topics.

A “credible” resource that gives only one viewpoint, only one set of values to base decisions on – that of the radical left and their organizing arm, Planned Parenthood.

Both the idea of this product and the technology it is based on should send chills up the spines of all parents.

Now that we’re aware of this next step in Planned Parenthood’s plan, we must communicate with our children – letting them know the double danger of this product and that we are still here to answer their questions.

What do you think of this disturbing new product and Planned Parenthood’s latest ploy to brainwash our nation’s kids and teens?

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