A Stunning Turn Of Events: Charges Dismissed Against Life-Saving Activists

Since the beginnings of Christianity, believers have been persecuted for their actions.

Especially in today’s divisive political climate, Christians are attacked and put in harm’s way when standing for their beliefs.

But in one recent case, the Divine hand of God intervened in what can only be described as a miraculous turn of events.

Mommy Underground previously reported on the arrest of pro-life activists with Red Rose Rescue, a group of Christians who peacefully stand vigil at abortion clinics nationwide.

These activists peacefully offer support and prayer to women considering abortion.

They speak to them of dignity, of second chances, of their value and the value of their unborn child.  And they hand them a single red rose.

On July 24th of this year, four of these activists were arrested outside of a Washington, D.C. clinic.  They included two priests and two others working to save the lives of the unborn.

One of the gentlemen in the group, William Goldman, had previously served more than 30 days in jail for a Red Rose Rescue attempt in December of last year.

The group faced charges of criminal trespass, fines, and jail time if found guilty.

The pro-lifers were represented by attorney John Garza of the Life Legal Defense Foundation.

A key component of his defense strategy was what is called a “necessity defense,” where the activists’ actions were “necessary to prevent a greater harm” – the necessity to intervene for the protection of women and unborn children entering the clinic.

Other than the harm caused by abortion itself, one basis of this defense was the association of the clinic, Capital Women’s Services, with radical abortionist, Steven C. Brigham.

Like Kermit Gosnell, Brigham has been charged with illegal medical practices, neglect, fraud, and the severe injury of women in his care.

He has also been charged with the murder of at least ten babies in the state of Maryland and is accused of performing hundreds of illegal late-term abortions in multiple states.

He awaits trial for his despicable crimes.

The group chose to pray and offer support at this clinic – one of the worst slaughterhouses in the area – no matter the personal cost.

“We were ready to stand up for the unwanted unborn in court–and with God’s help, endure the court trial and the possible penalties for our act of defense for those scheduled for abortion,” said Father Fidelis Moscinski, according to LifeSite News.

Thankfully, this time they didn’t have to.

In a stunning turn of events, when the presiding judge asked whether the attorneys were ready for trial, U.S. Attorney Jana Maser, who was prosecuting the case for the government, said she was not able to proceed as she had no witnesses to present.

Garza then asked for dismissal of all charges, which the judge granted — immediately.

One of the priests on trial said that the entire process took “less than thirty seconds,” citing God’s hand in the result.

Monica Migliorino Miller, the director of Citizens for a Pro-Life Society, who was herself arrested for participating in past Red Rose Rescues, was elated at the outcome of the proceedings.

“Great victory in court today. Charges dismissed against the 4 Red Rose Rescuers – Except for Divine Intervention – it really is inexplicable,” she said via email, according to LifeSite News.

This is not the first case of charges being dropped against Red Rose Rescuers at the same horrific clinic.

The arrest of four other pro-lifers in May of this year led to them being released from jail and charges dropped.

God’s hand in all of this could not be more apparent as He protected these warriors for the unborn.

We extend our prayers for Red Rose Rescuers all over the nation, and for all pro-lifers who fight for innocent life in service to God.

What do you think of the miraculous outcome of this case?  Leave us your thoughts.




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