A Tragedy Becomes A Blame-Game, And The Left Uses It To Further Their Agenda

For the most part, expectant mothers do everything in their power to ensure their child is born healthy.

This means that pregnant women refrain from behaviors that may harm the baby or keep themselves out of situations where mother or child could potentially be in danger.

But one unique case has recently popped up in the news, leaving people divided over who is really to blame — and giving the left more fodder for their agenda.

Alabama mom Marshae Jones was five months pregnant when she got into a verbal argument with another woman, Ebony Jemison, over the father of Jones’ child.

The argument took place in a local parking lot in December of last year and quickly escalated, leading to an unspeakable tragedy.

Ebony Jemison was armed and shot Jones in the stomach during the argument.  The baby girl did not survive.

Now, most of us would expect for the shooter to be arrested for the murder of the baby – and at first, that’s what happened.

But when the case came to the grand jury for indictment against Jemison for manslaughter, the charges were dropped, and she was released.

That injustice left many in the community shocked, but what happened next has them shaking their heads in disbelief.

After Jemison was released, Marshae Jones was arrested and charged with manslaughter for the death of her baby.

Why?  Because witnesses say that she started the conflict and neglected to protect her child by participating in dangerous behavior.

No one disagrees that Jones is partly to blame for the tragedy since she got herself into a situation that was unsafe for her or her child.

But one thing can be agreed upon – Jemison ultimately took the child’s life by shooting her mother.  

In fact, by shooting Jones in the stomach, it would seem her intent was to kill the baby in cold blood.

Outlets reporting on the story make no mention whether Jones herself was armed, but Jemison was released primarily because she explained her actions as being in self-defense.

And now, the story has taken an alarming turn as progressive activists and anti-life organizations like NARAL and the ACLU are up in arms and making it an issue about abortion laws.

And their arguments make no sense whatsoever.

In fact, ACLU Executive Director Randall Marshall seems to think Alabama’s pro-life laws “criminalize pregnancy.”

“Indeed, Alabama is one of the most dangerous places in the country for a Black woman trying to carry her pregnancy to term, and this prosecution is just one more attack on the basic human rights and dignity of Black women in our state. If this prosecution is allowed to proceed, it will not be much of a step to come up with a way to prosecute a woman who has an abortion,” Marshall said to USA Today.

If this statement isn’t contradictory, we don’t know what is.

Marshall seems to be saying that more should be done to help minority women to have healthy, full-term pregnancies, while in the next breath saying the case will set a “bad precedent” for abortion “rights.”

Alabama is one of 38 states in the U.S. that has enacted the Unborn Victims of Violence Act of 2004.  

All of these states consider it a felony if an unborn child is killed during the commission of a crime.  

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But it is a far cry between purposely murdering your unborn child in the name of convenience by having an abortion and losing your child at the hands of someone else because you made a bad decision.

Both women are to blame, but the one who actually murdered the child is getting off scot-free.

As they always do, the left is politicizing the tragedy to further their anti-life agenda.

Progressive groups have made it their mission to get Jones released because they fear if she is prosecuted for her baby’s murder, it will impede their crusade for free-for-all abortion on demand.

It is mind-boggling to even try to understand their twisted way of thinking.

Whatever the result of Jones’ trial, one thing is clear:  The real victim of this horrible tragedy is the baby girl who was killed.

And using the tragic death of a baby to further an agenda that will kill more children?  Unbelievable.

Who do you think should be prosecuted for the death of Marshae Jones’ unborn child?  Leave us your comments.

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