A Unique Online Platform Brings Peace and Unites Grieving Parents

Photo by Mike Labrum on Unsplash


While social media and online chat rooms can have their dangers and drawbacks, they do provide a means of support and connection with others going through the ups and downs of life.

These platforms have proven to be especially significant as families have been isolated during a global pandemic – either by choice or government edict.

And one ministry recently launched an online platform for remembrance that is a both a place of comfort and support for grieving families.

Earlier this month, A Mom’s Peace, started an online “Garden of Remembrance” to honor precious babies lost in miscarriage or stillbirth.

The organization is based in central Virginia and aims to give grieving parents and families a way to connect with each other and the children they have lost — but will never forget.

The online memorial garden is a free service with which parents can dedicate a flower and message to their child, recording the baby’s name and date of loss.

Since the garden’s inception, countless parents have visited the site to “plant” a flower for their lost child in the memorial garden.

Some lost their children to miscarriage or stillbirth recently; some lost a child decades ago.  But none of them ever forget the life that was lost far too soon.

The group’s message, posted on their website, is simple:

“As mothers, we are all connected by the love of our children at any age.  Likewise, as mothers who have lost a child in utero, we grieve alongside you every step of the way and promise to treat you and your baby with the respect every child of God deserves.”

At a time of nearly unrestricted legal abortion-on-demand, these parents understand that God does not make mistakes – that every life, from the moment of conception, has a purpose.

Kara Palladino is the founder of A Mom’s Peace and has a complete understanding of what grieving parents are going through.

She suffered a miscarriage herself and realized there were very few services or resources available for burial, memorials, or support when an unborn child dies in the womb.

Palladino decided to use her pain to help other families by creating the organization, which provides not only spiritual and emotional support, but also assists with burial arrangements for babies who are stillborn.

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She hopes that the group offers comfort by celebrating the value of every child’s life – no matter how brief – and understands that these families can only find peace when they know their child will never be forgotten.

Parents who have memorialized their child in this online garden have found great comfort in the process.

They have also found support from other parents they have never met, but feel connected with by their profound loss.

Despite the tragic losses experienced by these parents – every parents’ worst nightmare – they have found joy and peace in “planting” a virtual flower alongside those of so many others.

May we never forget, as these parents know, that every child – born and unborn – is precious, deserving of life, and deserving of remembrance of their impact.