Adorable Grandpa Buys School Bus To Personally Drive All His Grandchildren To School

It’s a known fact grandparents will do almost anything to make their grandchildren happy – but this grandpa went above and beyond in the most incredible way.

In a bold act of love and creativity, this incredible grandpa fulfilled the ultimate wish of his grandchildren by giving them a gift that will keep on giving.

And once you hear his heartfelt reason behind why he decided to go all in to provide for his grandchildren – you’re bound to be touched in an incredible way.

This grandpa has 10 grandchildren – some too young to be enrolled in school while others attend a Christian school down the street.

But because his grandchildren attend a small private school, they don’t have a school bus so mom and dad have to drive them to school each morning. 

And while it’s sweet their parents faithfully drive them to school each day, these children have longed and wished to be able to go to school on a real bus. 

After all, riding to school on a bright yellow school bus is a favorite pastime and memory of many– so of course, these children wanted to experience what it’s like.

Not wasting a beat, this grandfather actually purchased a small school bus and named it the “Grandfather Express” – and actually committed to picking up the children and taking them to school every morning!

This Christmas present for his grandchildren caused much excitement – and fulfilled a wish at the same time.

And for the younger children who aren’t yet in school, as they age they’ll already have a school bus waiting to escort them to school.

For added safety, grandpa made sure his grandchildren were safe and sound by adding seatbelts to the bus.

As it turns out, this gift impacted the grandfather too. 

CNN reported:

“While the children are delighted, their grandfather might even be a little more excited.

It’s primarily about getting to spend a few minutes with them every single morning,” Hayes said.”

This act of love shows just how much this grandfather longed to give his precious grandchildren the desires of their hearts!

And not only is their wish fulfilled, but they get to spend time every day with their grandfather!

While some of these children might be too young to appreciate the gift of time, they are surely bound to appreciate it when they are older.

And of course, I’m sure mom and dad love the break from having to drive their children to school each day!

This grandpa is amazing and deserves the grandfather of the year award! 

What are your thoughts about a grandpa buying a school bus to take his children to school?

Were you surprised how far he was willing to go to grant the wish of his grandchildren?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments below! 

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