Advocates Work To Protect “The Other Victims” Of Irish Abortion Law

The fight to preserve the lives of innocent unborn children is perhaps the most important of the modern era.

The progressive agenda of the left has pushed for the murder of the unborn on a global scale in recent decades, most recently in Ireland.

But there are many in Ireland who are working to introduce legislation that will protect another group involved in the abortion battle in the country.

On May 25th of this year, the Eighth Amendment to Ireland’s Constitution was repealed, ending protection under the law for unborn children.

Mommy Underground reported on this tragedy for the unborn as one of the last nations protecting innocent life fell prey to the agenda of the left.

Abortion had been a criminal act in Ireland since 1861, with the only change coming in 1983 with a subsection that recognized the health of the pregnant mother as equal to that of the unborn child.

But with the repeal of the law this year, not only are the lives of unborn children in jeopardy, but many others who work for the Irish healthcare system have been affected as well.

Pro-lifers have been working tirelessly to keep up the fight for life and have also raised a call to action for some lesser-known victims of legalized abortion – doctors who may be forced to perform abortions against their will.

Ireland has been a predominantly Catholic nation for generations, and many physicians in the government-run healthcare system have raised objections to performing abortions due to their belief in preserving all life.

Legislation is to be settled in the Dáil Éireann — the lower house of Ireland’s executive branch — this month, and up for discussion is a proposed requirement for doctors to perform abortions or else refer patients to another physician who will.

Health Minister Simon Harris says he will fight any form of conscientious objection on the part of physicians, as they are employees of a government-run socialized medical system and not in private practice.

Harris has criticized pro-life groups for siding with physicians, likening the objections to breaking the law.

Pro-lifer John Bruton has stated that even if a physician does not perform an abortion themselves, being forced to refer patients to an abortion provider elsewhere is akin to “aiding and abetting the abortion” and calls for the introduction of a conscience clause when legislation is finalized this month.

Bruton has another suggestion that has met with approval by physicians — an “opt-in” list of physicians who do not object to providing abortions.  While this still allows for the tragic murder of unborn children, it at least protects doctors who are morally opposed to being a part of the slaughter.

With an “opt-in” option, physicians who are conscientious objectors will also be able to avoid the forced process of referring patients to other abortion providers.

Bruton believes that there is enough support for these physicians that legislation will be difficult to pass without some type of conscientious objection clause.

They are backed by pro-life advocacy groups, colleagues, and many Dail members who still believe in the right to life.

Barrister Lorcan Price talked about the lack of political representation for those who voted against the legalization of abortion, stating, “Politicians may be on a journey, but we are not going on a journey. We are going to stand by the unborn and their mothers,” according to LifeSite News.

The debate has come back into the spotlight in part due to the annual Irish Pro-Life Campaign dinner, where Bruton was a key speaker, along with well-known American activist, Kristan Hawkins, president of Students for Life of America.

Many who attended the recent conference did so because of the plight of objecting physicians and the lack of protections for them under the new abortion laws.

Results from a research poll were announced at the conference, showing that nearly 70 percent of Irish citizens oppose forcing physicians to perform abortions against their will.

Members of the Pro-Life Campaign made heartfelt appeals for objection physicians at the conference and reiterated that these doctors have the support of the people where “these findings paint an entirely different picture to the one being presented by the Government.”

And Dr. Ruth Cullen stated that, “in the absence of any public discussion on the devastating impact on GPs of being forced to refer, a majority of the public still sides with GPs who don’t want to be compelled to refer women for abortions that will lead to the certain death of her unborn baby,”

For now, legislators in the Dail are set to meet any day, with pro-lifers in and out of the house chamber fighting for doctors who refuse to perform abortions.

There is still a huge pro-life force at work in Ireland fighting against the government’s abortion-for-profit scheme and Health Minister Harris’ belief that legalized abortion will lead to a “brighter Ireland.”

They continue to pray for the unborn, as do pro-lifers all over the world and resolve to protect the other innocent victims of legalized abortion in Ireland – pro-life physicians.

What do you think of the Health Minister’s intent to force pro-life physicians to either perform abortions or refer women to someone who will?  Leave us your comments.



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