After Christmas Warning To All Moms – Check Your Child’s Toys For This Danger!

Congrats mama, you just survived another successful Christmas season!

And while your children may be happily playing with their new toys, you might feel you can finally relax and take a break.

Well, not just yet, at least not before you check your child’s toys for this major safety hazard that could be deadly.

You see, children are clever, and often smarter than we think.

And while some toys might seem innocent and harmless and “age-appropriate”, there are still dangerous pieces that could seriously injure, or even kill them.

As it turns out, “age-appropriate” is certainly a healthy guideline when selecting toys, but it doesn’t cut it these days.

One mom experienced quite the scare as her little one was playing with his Christmas toys.

Her little one has special needs and is known to be a “chewer”, often chewing through toys, but this mom tested out the toy herself and thought it was safe.

Turns out, her little one was able to chew through the item and ended up swallowing an inside piece which can be deadly.

And now this mom is sounding the alarm to all moms, hoping to warn moms of this lurking hidden danger.

In an emotional post, Jennifer wrote a plea to other moms, putting her own pride aside, and telling about the dangerous item her child swallowed, praying no other child has to go through such pain.

Fox6 posted a screenshot of this desperate Mom’s plea:

“Please keep him in your prayers and thoughts ️ all the good vibes and juju are needed. We are headed to Children’s hospital in Milwaukee. Beck and Mom are taking an ambulance and Dad’s meeting us there. Beck broke open a magnetic toy and has 13 tiny magnets in him. I feel guilty AF and horrible posting this but I don’t want another child to go through this. If you have little ones or chewers these are dangerous and we’re removing them from our home. Dogs could also break these open too.

Updated: He has finished with surgery they had to remove part of his colon, intestines and appendix. The magnets created holes and infection in his intestines. He has to stay in Children’s for at least 3-4 days. They need to restart his bowels and watching the infection. He is high risk still and please keep him in your thoughts and prayers thank you.”

While this 4-year-old boy survived, the results could have taken a different turn.

So moms, please make sure to thoroughly check out the toys your children received this year.

And if your children (or pets) are known to put items in their mouth and chew on them, you might want to consider safe toys, without little pieces.

But don’t just stop with current and new toys.

As Mommy Underground previously reported, it’s not just your own small child’s toys you need to look out for.

Be mindful if your small child has older siblings or friends, as their toys can contain dangerous magnets and small pieces too.

Consider making a rule that your older child’s toys must be stored in a separate location, high and out of reach of curious eyes.

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Or, consider a simple locked cabinet to store these toys in.

Little changes like this can solve the problem.

And moms, don’t live in anxiety terrified of your children having fun with their toys.

Just give them a look over, and pay attention to safety warnings given by manufacturers and other moms.

Were you surprised to learn about the hidden danger of magnets in “age appropriate” toys?

What precautions do you take in your home, to keep your children safe from dangerous toys?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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