American Taxpayers Are Now On The Hook For Outrageous “Transgender” Surgeries

The LGBT crew is determined to push their agenda onto all Americans, but now they’ve taken it one step further.

Not only do they want Americans to embrace the pro-LGBT lifestyle, they expect taxpayers to pay for it.

And as it turns out, major showdowns are taking place around the country, and you won’t believe who’s winning the war.

Mommy Underground has reported extensively on the LGBT agenda.

They are targeting children in schools.

They are attacking Christians.

And now, they are demanding American taxpayers pay for their deranged lifestyle.

Two Medicaid recipients in Wisconsin were denied payment of “gender reassignment” surgery, and rightfully so.

After all, why should hardworking families pay for a perverse agenda they are vehemently against?

Wisconsin currently has a 20-year law on the books, which forbids “transgender” individuals to receive a surgery paid for by taxpayers.

So instead of forking over the funds themselves to pay for their own sick surgeries, these two “transgender” individuals thought the state should pay for their surgeries, and simply wouldn’t accept the law that has been on the books for over twenty years.

So, they decided to sue.

And this time, they won.

And then, the unthinkable happened.

A leftist federal judge, William Conley, stepped in, and demanded the state was not allowed to enforce the rule, on the grounds that not allowing the surgery to take place could cause harm to these “transgender” individuals.

Even though, the cost to taxpayers is absolutely staggering, the judge is more concerned about advocating for two “transgender” individuals, vs. standing behind the citizens who are now being forced to pay for it.

And some worry, this ruling is opening up the floodgates for “transgender” people everywhere to demand the taxpayers pay for their poor choices.

Lifesite News reported:

“Wisconsin’s Medicaid system has an estimated $9.7 billion budget and 1.2 million enrollees, approximately 5,000 of whom are believed to have some form of gender confusion. The state says covering surgery for all of them could cost taxpayers as much as $2.1 million.

Conley dismissed such concerns by claiming the state had no other exclusions based solely on cost, and that the rule “feeds into sex stereotypes by requiring all transgender individuals receiving Wisconsin Medicaid to keep genitalia and other prominent sex characteristics consistent with their natal sex no matter how painful and disorienting it may prove for some.”

While it once seemed far-fetched that the LGBT crew could ever force anyone to pay for their crazy “sex reassignment” surgeries, it’s actually happening.

Leftist judges are backing LGBT activists, and forcing the government to pay for their out of control surgeries.

And now, LGBT activists are going to continue to push the envelope, and demand taxpayers pay for their surgeries.

LGBT activists don’t want to live a “peaceful and quiet life.”

They want everyone to adopt to their perverse lifestyle, and now they are expecting taxpayers to pay for it!

What are your thoughts on having the government use your tax dollars to pay for “transgender” individuals to get a “reassignment surgery”?

Do you agree with the judge’s decision to ignore the law that prohibits taxpayer funded “transgender” surgeries?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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