Another Monster Endangers The Lives Of Women And Children – Why Is He Still Free?

The lives of the unborn continue to be taken by the millions worldwide as the holocaust of abortion-on-demand remains legal.

The practice not only robs innocent children of their lives but causes irreparable harm to women and our society.

It is unbelievable that any physician could take a life, but more shocking is the fact that one abortionist remains free after decades of breaking the law and causing death and trauma in his wake.

Steven Chase Brigham is often referred to as the “worst abortionist in America” who is not currently incarcerated.

Like Kermit Gosnell before him, he has committed the most horrifying atrocities one can imagine.

Gosnell, who maimed women and illegally killed innocent children when they did not die after botched abortions he performed, is more well-known, due to a current film released about his case.

But Brigham’s actions are on par with Gosnell, and he remains free.

Brigham has a long history of legal trouble, and though he has been arrested before, he has managed to escape any kind of punishment for his crimes.

The pro-life group, Operation Rescue, has extensively reported on Brigham and followed his long and shocking history of deception and evil.

He is well-known as a con-artist and lied about his medical credentials on several occasions in several states.

During a hearing to revoke his license to practice medicine in New York, the state’s medical board stated,

“Eventually, [Brigham] testified that what he referred to as special training in preparation for his activities in the abortion field consisted of limited interludes of observations of other physicians. [Brigham] has demonstrated he lacks appropriate judgment and insight as to his own limitations. He routinely displayed a tendency to inflate and embellish the truth.”

Two decades ago, Brigham was convicted and sentenced on felony fraud charges and failure to file taxes.  He has also been accused, but not convicted, of Medicare fraud.

But this all pales in comparison to the women he’s maimed – including one who died in his care — after botched abortion procedures.

And then there are all the innocent unborn children who lost their right to life in his slaughterhouses.

Brigham was once quoted as saying he found being an abortion provider “rewarding” since he was “helping women,” according to Operation Rescue.

In 2011, Brigham was arrested on five counts of first-degree murder and five of second-degree murder after 34 babies who were aborted late-term were found in a bloody freezer in an abortion facility he ran in Elkton, Maryland.

His partner was also charged and is only one of many reportedly unqualified butchers he has found to work with in clandestine practices over the years.

Unbelievably, late-term abortions are not illegal in Maryland, but the charges were brought because of a legal precedent that allows for a murder charge to be introduced if the abortion was done while in commission of a crime.

Once licensed to practice in six states – despite not completing all the medical training to do so – Brigham had no license to practice in Maryland and authorities also introduced his illegal practices in New Jersey and elsewhere.

So why isn’t he in prison like monster Kermit Gosnell?

Unfortunately, a key witness for the prosecution in Maryland refused to cooperate at the eleventh hour, and charges were dropped.

As a free man, Brigham has filed for bankruptcy multiple times, hustled trusting partners into giving him tens of thousands of dollars to open new practices with his so-called “charming” personality, and is still associated with several clinics, including many running under the Brigham’s American Women’s Services banner.

This includes one in Washington, D.C., Capital Women’s Services, at which several pro-lifers have been arrested for peacefully protesting for the unborn children and women he endangers.

Mommy Underground previously reported on one of these cases in which four members of the Red Rose Rescue group, including two priests, were arrested for trying to prevent the slaughter.  Miraculously, charges were recently dropped against all of them.

The American Women’s Services websites falsely claim that they are “fully licensed” and “comply with all state and federal regulations.”  This could not be further from the truth.

Although he is no longer licensed to practice anywhere in the U.S., you can bet that he is hiding out and continuing his repulsive practices under the guise of a legally-operating clinic or by using someone else’s facilities as a front.

Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue, has stated:

“Based on what we have learned about Brigham from the record over the years, he is such a deceptive and dishonest person that it is unbelievable that he is allowed to have anything to do with any business related to abortion or the field of medicine.

We are glad he cannot get his medical license back, but regulators in each state where he operates really need to focus on shutting down his dangerous abortion facilities for good,” according to LifeSite News.

It is inconceivable that this man is still walking free – and worse – that he is still able to covertly associate with abortion facilities without a medical license.

By preying on others in the horrific abortion industry and using his skills as a con-man, Brigham is out there endangering as many lives as ever.

He belongs behind bars, like Kermit Gosnell before him.

One would hope that by raising awareness about these monsters and their illegal practices that others, like Steven Brigham, will finally be brought to justice.

What do you think of the shocking fact that this murderer is still walking free and associated with abortion facilities, despite his lack of a medical license?  Leave us your comments.





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