Another Nation Wants To Legalize Abortion – But Someone Is Fighting Back

There has been a very purposeful push by the left in recent years to eradicate any belief in the sanctity of life.

From socialist governments who choose who lives and who dies in the name of profit, to formerly pro-life nations like Ireland legalizing abortion, there seems to be no regard for innocent life.

But one ray of hope is emerging with a group of doctors who are standing for life, no matter the consequences.

Argentinian law currently prohibits abortion except in cases of rape or threat to the mother’s life.

The country has recently seen some of the most violent pro-abortion protests in the world as radicals have been rallying for taxpayer-funded abortion and legalization of prostitution.

The riots and protests have included topless radical feminists hurling rocks, bottles, and even feces in their demand for abortions.  They also are calling for increased rights for the LGBT community and have verbally attacked Christian values in this predominantly Roman Catholic country.

Caving to the pressure, Argentina’s lower house passed legislation in June to legalize abortions for any reason up to 14 weeks.  Their Senate is expected to debate the bill any day now.

But standing behind their oaths as medical professionals, hundreds of doctors have raised opposition to the legislation.

These physicians are also taking to the streets to fight for life, carrying signs that say, “I am a doctor, not a murderer.”  Some say they will go to jail before they perform an abortion.

The worst part of the legislation, besides the slaughter of the unborn that will surely increase with its passage, is the fact that private hospitals, many run by the Church, would not be able to opt-out of the requirement to offer abortions.

Individual physicians may be able to opt-out but will have to jump through numerous bureaucratic hoops to do so while facing discrimination and even danger.

The legislation also calls for physicians who are conscientious objectors to “register” with the government, and these physicians fear they will lose their jobs – or worse.  They have no doubt they will receive threats of harm to themselves by radical progressive groups.

Life News reported:

“How far are we willing to go to? Jail,” said Ernesto Beruti, chief of obstetrics at the Austral University Hospital. “Even if the law is passed, I’m not going to eliminate the life of a human being. The most important right is the right to live.”

The well-respected Argentinian Academy of Medicine issued a statement that life begins at conception – an absolute medical fact – and that to destroy an embryo or fetus is the murder of a human life, saying,

“Nothing good can come when a society chooses death as a solution.”

Anti-life groups such as Amnesty International and the so-called “Human Rights” Watch have been actively pushing for legalized abortion in South America for years, heavily funded by progressive billionaire George Soros.

Mommy Underground previously reported on Amnesty International’s rabid push for international access to abortion as the left continues its global takeover to stomp out any regard for the sanctity of life.

Other physicians fear they will be living in a sort of police state of government officials who hold all the cards in persecuting them for their pro-life beliefs and say it will be nearly impossible to work under constant threat of prison time.

For now, hundreds of doctors from hospitals and clinics across the nation continue their own protests to fight for the innocent unborn.  They refuse to back down, no matter the personal consequences.

Please join us in praying for the courageous doctors in Argentina who vow to protect life no matter the cost.  Mommy Underground will keep you posted on any developments as the Argentinian Senate convenes on this legislation.

What do you think of the violent push to legalize abortion in Argentina and the potential consequences for doctors who refuse to accept it?  Leave us your thoughts.





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