Another Progressive Trend Is On The Rise – With Tragic Consequences

Biological fact and progressive ideology have been heavily argued in recent years in the battle of gender “identity.”

This trend has been sold as a “human rights” and political issue by the left for years, and its effects have infiltrated every facet of our culture.

But the adoption of gender insanity in our nation is reaching disturbing new heights with a new social wave.

We’ve never before in history seen such quick acceptance of an idea that so completely defies biology and thousands of years of social norms.

While homosexuality has been around since the beginning of time, it was always a taboo subject that an individual knew was not accepted by society as a whole.

Now, homosexuality is normalized, and transgenderism is the next trending social issue.

Progressive propaganda has crept into every corner of the globe, and now changing your gender is pushed to be normal, with no more weight given to the damaging effects than changing your hair color.

Transgenderism is so normalized now that some doctors don’t even consider the mental illnesses behind it.

In fact, there is a disturbing new diagnosis being made at an astonishing rate.

Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria (ROGD) is the latest social “craze,” ripping families apart and leaving parents helpless to stop it.

Why?  Because nearly everyone in the mental health, medical, clerical, and education communities are too afraid to stand up against it due to the bullying tactics of the left.

While many doctors assist young people in “transitioning” because they have supposedly shown tendencies or symptoms for several years, ROGD is an immediate decision to change genders with no previous interest in doing so.

It is most prevalent in teen and college-aged girls.  Without warning, they will change their names, personalities, style of dress, start hormone treatments – even have radical surgeries like double-mastectomies.

Lisa Littman, a researcher at Brown University, named the “phenomenon” and likens it to other cries for help in young adulthood like eating disorders, cutting, and suicide.

Unfortunately, ROGD – “and not necessarily its sufferers – gets full support from the medical community,” wrote Abigail Shrier in an article on the trend.

“The standard for dealing with teens who assert they are transgender is ‘affirmative care’ – immediately granting the patient’s stated identity,” she continued, according to LifeSite News.

And who is one of the largest providers of easy-access hormonal treatments to our youth?  Planned Parenthood, of course.

The abortion giant requires no psychological evaluation, or any explanation for the request at all, from young patients wishing to transition.

Parents are frantic.

They see their child becoming someone else with no warning or discussion – most college-age women are legally adults after all – and they have nowhere to turn for help.

Shrier wrote, according to the Wall Street Journal:

“Nearly every force in society is aligned against these parents: Churches scramble to rewrite their liturgies for greater ‘inclusiveness.’ Therapists and psychiatrists undermine parental authority with immediate affirmation of teens’ self-diagnoses. Campus counselors happily refer students to clinics that dispense hormones on the first visit.”

Even girls who are not yet 18 are using blackmail as a way to receive these damaging surgeries and treatments without delay – threatening to permanently cut off contact with their parents if they don’t agree.

Doctors and therapists who are against this horrific trend understand exactly what is causing it.

Peer pressure, bullying, mental illnesses like anxiety and depression, and especially online influencers like social media are all causes for the rise in ROGD.

These kids are looking for an escape.  As writer Rod Dreher stated in The American Conservative, Her real drug—the one that hooked her—was the promise of a new identity.”

He entitled the article “ROGD Hell,” in reference to what helpless families are going through.

And he also pens a word of warning to parents:  Don’t think for a minute this can’t happen to you.

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Doctors, counselors, even clergy seem to be more frightened of the left’s threats and scare tactics than losing a generation of our youth.

These treatments leave permanent scars, not only physical but mental.

Hormonal replacements can cause mood disorders, cancer, even suicide.

We’ve all made decisions we regret when we were young, but this is one decision with drastic, life-long consequences.

ROGD is being called a social “contagion” for its skyrocketing diagnosis rates.

Parents are being encouraged to do their research and monitor any sudden changes in their child’s demeanor and online presence.

There are groups available who understand that parents are being failed by traditional modes of support.

There are resources, and there are physicians out there who still understand the gravity of the “gender insanity” movement in our culture.

Be involved and aware, and if your child is only going through “normal teenage stuff,” be thankful because many others are rushing to join the transgender bandwagon.

What do you think of this horrific new “trend” and the skyrocketing rates of diagnosis?  Leave us your thoughts.