Another Sickening Consequence of New York’s RHA Comes To Light

Multiple states are looking to jump on the abortion free-for-all bandwagon since New York Governor Andrew Cuomo signed a heinous bill in his state.

The “Reproductive Health Act” now wipes late-term abortion off the criminal code, allowing for infants to be killed until birth.

And this shameful act has now proven to have other devastating repercussions.

New York resident Anthony Hobson brutally stabbed his ex-girlfriend, 35-year-old Jennifer Irigoyen, and their unborn baby to death on February 3rd.

Prosecutors had originally charged Hobson not only with the murder of Irigoyen but also with the “second-degree abortion” of his unborn child.

In many states, an abortion charge is filed when a person commits an “abortional” act by causing the death of a preborn baby.

This charge was recently filed against a Pennsylvania man who repeatedly punched his pregnant girlfriend in the stomach with the intent of causing her to miscarry.

The charge can carry up to four years in the state penitentiary.

But now that unborn children are no longer protected in any capacity in the state of New York, this charge against Hobson has been dropped.

Before the RHA was passed in January, New York law defined murder as “conduct which causes the death of a person or an unborn child with which a female has been pregnant for more than 24 weeks.”

It may come as no surprise that the leftist media brought up the “discrepancy” raised by the RHA to the New York District Attorney, who was forced to follow the new laws under the RHA and drop the charge against Hobson.

This sickening consequence of New York’s limitless abortion law means that Hobson – and others — will now get away with murdering a child.

“This was a heinous crime. A woman was brutally stabbed — killing her and the unborn child. The defendant is alleged to have shown no mercy and no regard for human life when he repeatedly and purposely plunged a knife into this expectant mother’s abdomen, torso and neck.” New York District Attorney Brown said in a statement, as reported by the Christian Post.

Jennifer Irigoyen begged for her baby’s life as Hobson stabbed her repeatedly in the abdomen in order to kill her and her child.

She was 14 weeks pregnant and leaves behind an older child, now motherless.

Although Hobson will still likely spend the rest of his life behind bars, the RHA’s influence means there will be no separate justice for Irigoyen’s unborn baby – a life taken, and one just as important as any other.

This travesty of justice concerns many pro-lifers, including Dennis Poust of the New York Catholic Conference.  He commented on Twitter that it will now be “open season on pregnant women.”

It seems to open the door to a horrific idea.  Men who assault their pregnant partners – resulting in the death of the baby, but not the mother – will likely get off with nothing but an assault charge, even though they killed a human being in cold blood.

Of course, two Democratic State Senators from New York are defending the RHA by saying that first-degree assault on a pregnant woman resulting in the death of the baby still carries a harsher penalty than the old “second-degree abortion” law.

But this still means that if an unborn child is killed because the mother is attacked, the assailant may only get five years in prison – far less than the lifetime sentence typically given in murder cases.

A former New York prosecutor stated that “Prosecutors have never gone easy on guys who killed pregnant women and neither have judges,” according to the Christian Post.

But the law is the law, and even with a maximum sentence, justice for these children will not rightly be served.

Grieving mothers whose babies are killed in an assault will suffer unimaginable trauma – that of being assaulted, losing the child they had dreamed about and then seeing their assailant receive nothing more than a slap on the wrist.

The Reproductive Health Act in New York really has wiped away the God-given right to life in every way, all with the flick of one man’s pen.

What do you think of the secondary repercussions of New York’s Reproductive Health Act?  Leave us your comments.

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