Another State Fights For The Unborn, While Democrats Get More And More Out Of Hand

All across the nation, state legislators are making history in the abortion debate.

Not since the Supreme Court’s 1973 Roe v. Wade decision has there been such a historic effort to turn the tide and save the unborn.

But the left is not ready to give up their baseless arguments that abortion “protects” women, and one state is currently involved in a heated debate on the issue.

The Alabama House recently passed HB 314, the “Human Life Protection Act” by a vote of 74-3.

Of all the states who have passed or are currently considering legislation that protects the unborn after a heartbeat is detected, Alabama’s is the most powerful and inspiring bill yet.

It seeks to criminalize abortion with very few exceptions.  Abortion providers who break the law could be charged with a Class C felony carrying ten to 99 years in prison.

The votes to pass the legislation were overwhelmingly in favor because only three Democrats stayed to vote on the bill, the rest having walked out of session.

Of those who stayed to argue against restricting or outlawing abortion was one Democrat Representative who made some unbelievable comments.  We’ll warn you – they are shocking and repulsive.

Rep. John Rogers argued against the legislation with the usual progressive talking points about a woman’s “rights” and the fact that the issue has been resolved by the Supreme Court and should not be revisited.

“I’m not about to be the male to tell a woman what to do with her body. She has a right to make a decision herself,” said Rogers.

Ironically, Rep. Rogers claims to be “personally pro-life” and Catholic.  You could have fooled us by what he said next.

Referring to low-income or minority women who may not be given the same opportunities as other mothers, Rogers seemed to imply that all unwanted children are doomed to failure and will be led to a life of crime.

“Some kids is unwanted, so you kill ’em now, or kill ’em later. You bring ’em in the world unwanted, unloved, and you send ’em to the electric chair. So you kill ’em now, or kill ’em later,” stated Rogers according to Live Action.

He also stated that abortion should be kept legal because many parents are unable to handle the circumstances of raising a child who may have special needs, saying such children may be “retarded or deformed.”

Apparently, he has never heard of the concept of adoption.

This certainly doesn’t sound like Rogers is practicing the Catholic Church’s belief in the sanctity and purpose of all life.

Not only that, but when Donald Trump Jr., tweeted that he was outraged by Rogers’ comments, the Representative fired back against the President’s son saying that “[he is] proof that mothers ought to have the right to have an abortion because he is evidently retarded or crazy.”

And he didn’t stop there.

In a mockery of the entire abortion debate, he said, “I may bring a bill to force all men to have vasectomies. That would end this whole debate. There would be no more abortions and eventually no more voters,” as reported by Live Action.

After its passage in the House, the bill was sent to the State Senate, where it was expected to be passed by the Republican majority last week.

But there, Democrats continued their tirade when Republican Senators called for a voice vote on removing exceptions for rape and incest – thus making nearly all abortions illegal in the state, no matter the reason.

Tempers flared and a shouting match ensued, leading the Senate’s President Pro Tempore, Del Marsh, to delay the vote until it could be conducted in a calm and professional manner.

Lt. Governor Will Ainsworth was supportive of passing the bill with no exceptions for rape or incest, but following the emotional debate, the Senate Judiciary Committee reintroduced an amendment that would allow for these exceptions.

The original bill – without rape and incest exceptions — could be restored, however, when the Senate continues the debate.

The bill is currently “at the call of the chair,” which means it can be voted upon at any time.  It is expected to be debated and voted on within the week.

Whether or not the rape and incest amendments are put back into the language of the Senate bill, Alabama’s abortion law would still be the most restrictive one yet – a victory for the unborn and pro-lifers all across the country.

Governor Kay Ivey, also a Republican, says that with or without the exceptions, she is waiting to review the final bill before she decides whether to sign it into law.

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It looks good for the unborn in the state of Alabama, however, as the entire legislature and leadership is comprised of conservative Republicans.

The bill’s author is Rep. Terri Collins, who introduced it with the intent of helping to get the issue brought back to the U.S. Supreme Court to eventually overturn Roe v. Wade.

She believes, “The decision that was made back in 1973 would not be the same decision that was decided upon today if you relooked at the issue,” reports Live Action.

It is becoming increasingly clear that the progressive left has taken it way too far in recent years.

The majority of American citizens are becoming increasingly opposed to the abortion-on-demand free-for-all the left keeps trying to root into our culture.

State after state is fighting back, saying “enough is enough.”

Just as history looks with shame and regret at human atrocities like slavery and the Holocaust, perhaps now it is finally sinking in that something must change in our society.

Life must be held as sacred from conception, and Alabama is on the right track.

What do you think of the heated debate in Alabama and the sickening comments of Democrat Representative John Rogers?  Leave us your thoughts.