August Is National Breastfeeding Month – And It’s Time To End The Shame Some Moms Feel

There is nothing more beautiful than a new mom nursing her baby. 

The bond between a mother and a baby is something sacred – and the amazing connection as a mom feeds her little one is something God designed.

Even though breastfeeding is something natural, in today’s society many women have been made to feel ashamed. 

And it’s not just one or two isolated incidents. 

Women have been humiliated in restaurants and told to “cover up” – simply for feeding their baby. 

The same thing happened to a woman at an art museum.  

Even boarding a plane a woman felt the humiliation when complete strangers tried to shame her, simply for nursing her baby!

But no woman deserves to feel ashamed for breastfeeding her baby!

There is nothing shameful about a mother feeding her own baby, and the stereotype moms face needs to be eradicated. 

As liberals continue to assault the family, many women are facing discrimination in the workplace and in public, simply for being a mom.

But breastfeeding shouldn’t be a “hushed” topic that women dare not utter.

Women should be able to communicate without fear all things regarding breastfeeding – such as asking other women where to buy the best nursing tops, or techniques that are helpful.

Scary Mommy reported on the power of society accepting breastfeeding as normal and the difference it could make:

“There is something very powerful that happens when breastfeeding becomes deeply ingrained in a culture, when it becomes as normal as walking down the street, driving a car, or feeding a child a snack at the park.

In cultures where breastfeeding is everywhere and anywhere, breastfeeding is much easier to initiate and sustain. It’s not that women don’t encounter problems here and there with the mechanics of it, but they are much more likely to have in inkling of what to do to overcome these problems – and most of all, they feel supported in getting the help they need.”

Sadly, some women, especially those who have been told to “cover up” feel nothing but shame when talking about breastfeeding.

And for new moms, they can feel even more alone if they are shunned and told to be quiet.

Being a mother is something sacred, and beautiful.

And we know breastfeeding is incredibly healthy and normal – and good for both the mother and her baby!

While it’s wonderful to acknowledge August as National Breastfeeding Month – let’s remember to support our breastfeeding mamas all throughout the year!

If you see another woman being shamed – stand up and say something!

Don’t allow a complete stranger to humiliate a mom who is simply trying to feed her baby. 

We women need to stick together, and support other moms. 

Why do you think society continues to attempt to make breastfeeding appear taboo? 

Have you ever been discriminated against while you were breastfeeding your baby? 

Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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