Baby-Proof Your Home with These Helpful Tips

Whether this is your first baby or your fourth, it seems that no matter what we do babies still get into everything!

Sure, we’ve covered the outlets and moved any cleaning products to a locked location, but with a curious little one in the house, we can never be too careful.

And if you’re looking to baby-proof your home, make sure you aren’t missing these common yet often overlooked areas.

  1. Don’t’ Neglect The Nursery: While you’re busy making sure your living room has outlet covers and your kitchen is safe, don’t forget about the nursery!

Often times many accidents take place in the nursery. The crib can also be a dangerous place for a baby.

Experts recommend foregoing anything soft (think blankets and pillows) until your child is at least 1-year old.

Instead, opt for sleeper sacks which can keep your baby warm, without the risk of sudden infant death syndrome.

The Bump listed these additional helpful tips:

  • Put a thick rug or carpet below the changing table.
  • Position the crib away from windows, heaters, lamps, wall decoration and cords.
  • Finish all painting and wallpapering at least eight weeks before baby is expected to avoid exposing baby to any potentially harmful fumes.
  • Check that none of the crib slats are more than two and 3/8 inches apart, and that all the bolts and screws are tight. Make sure there are no gaps between the mattress and crib
  • Keep bumpers, comforters, pillows, blankets and toys out of the crib.
  • Check all nursery furniture according to our safety suggestions

In addition, make sure your loose furniture pieces are mounted to the wall, so they won’t topple over and onto your precious little one!

  1. Watch The Purse: Have you ever stopped to think what is inside your purse?

If it’s like most moms, it has everything under the sun! From medicine to gum, loose change to pocket knives, and some moms even have pepper spray or other dangerous items.

Well, your little one is curious, especially if they are crawling and walking.  And they’ll be more than eager to explore your purse and dump it out for you!

This also goes for any guests you might have.

Make sure your purses are put into a room with a closed door, and not in open reach.

The last thing you want is your child digesting something harmful that they found easily in an open purse.

  1. Older Siblings Toys: Okay so you may have done everything right and only purchased age-appropriate toys for your child… but what about their older siblings?

Sure your child might have soft and safe toys, but once they watch their older brother play with something that looks fun, they might be drawn to that.

Mommy Underground has reported on the dangers of some toys and the tiny magnets and other pieces that come with them.

One thing you can do is have separate areas for your children’s toys – making sure big brethren’s toys are stored in a different room, or a locked cabinet.

This prevents your curious little one from digesting something danger that could harm them

Take the time to walk around your home and check with other moms on ways they’ve baby-proofed their home.

Besides standard precautions like a gate at the top (and bottom) of the stairs, beware of the hidden dangers like mysterious purses and household objects you may not think to look for.

But with a few easy changes, you can be worry free and confident your home is safe for your baby to play!

What are some ways you baby-proof your home?

What do you think is the greatest unknown danger inside households for small babies?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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