Babywearing Your Toddler Can Change Your Life

Walking through the grocery store you see countless mothers handing their toddlers snacks, their phone, or singing them songs about the cereal they are picking out.

This is when they are not in full tantrum mode over being too tired, or just plain bored of the monotonous aisles of food.

Putting your toddler on your back in a carrier you may get some odd looks as if spectators are saying, “Isn’t she too big?”, or “What crunchy mom contraption is that?”

After the initial judgments, moms may quickly realize that you have the advantage, as your content toddler quietly gazes around your shoulders.

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“Baby” wearing is not just for the infant or baby phases. It’s true you have more carrier options and positions available to you when your child hasn’t sprouted those running legs, but the snuggling doesn’t need to stop there.

There are many benefits to strapping your little explorer to your back during outings, and here we will name a few that are most influential.