Beware:  Our Favorite Brands Are Ramping-Up Progressive Grooming of Our Children

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Americans are no strangers to marketing campaigns that focus on a particular holiday, public event, or cause to draw consumers in by making an emotional connection.

But one of the most outright propaganda campaigns in recent years to appear in every type of marketing has been centered around LGBTQ “Pride.”

Businesses are spending billions of dollars to firmly root this concept into our culture, but the most blatant campaigns are aimed at grooming our children into full acceptance.

The LGBTQ community has formally adopted the month of June as “Pride Month,” and commercials spouting “love” and “tolerance” for all – along with every rainbow-hued product imaginable – are everywhere.

While adults can turn the channel or boycott a business or certain product that violates our beliefs and values, children are far more susceptible.

Not only are they increasingly indoctrinated in our nation’s schools, fed propaganda by authority figures they’ve been taught to trust, they’re also being targeted by supposed family-friendly companies that sell products that may be staples of the household.

While there is far more of this targeting going on during the summer months surrounding “Pride Month,” it has certainly become a year-round mission for companies to market products that appease a minority of progressive consumers.

And more and more often, it’s our children who are in the crosshairs.

Earlier this year, child-favorite Oreo introduced Pride Oreos, their white filling suddenly adopting a rainbow of different colors.

And not only that, but Oreo took to Twitter and Instagram to teach children that the core value of “respect” can only be achieved when they understand the proper use of gender pronouns – of which there are now far more than “he” and “she.”

Skittles removed the color from their always-rainbow-hued candies in a campaign to target children by touting LGBTQ acceptance with the message that “[in celebrating] Pride, only one rainbow matters. So we’ve given up ours to show support.”

And Reebok, a favorite brand of schoolchildren and young adults, released rainbow-dyed shoes as part of their “All Types of Love” campaign.  Shoes, in particular, have always been a status symbol for youth (think Air Jordans), and these rainbow sneakers have been heavily marketed toward kids and teens.

Perhaps more than any other retailer, Target has developed several lines of clothing, school supplies, and toys to promote the LGBTQ agenda.  While rainbows have appeared on children’s products for decades, Target makes a point of including the Left’s favorite terminology of “pride” and “love,” including colorful, child-like store displays.

While there’s nothing wrong with putting our little girls in a rainbow shirt or hair bow, it is worth researching just exactly what the message is being touted by our favorite brands.

Reebok, Target, and others have donated millions to LGBTQ outreach, and this often includes anti-Family campaigns and censorship of conservative speech that promotes traditional values.

While parents can do their best to monitor the marketing campaigns that target our children, it’s not always possible for us to see every message coming through social media… every commercial they see on television… or every product endorsement they may hear when they’re not with us.

And there are some products that are hard to avoid, and whose marketing campaigns may come as a complete shock.

Tampax tampons, for example, has developed perhaps the most absurd and disgusting campaign in support of the transgender trend.

A product that is explicitly for women – and young teen girls – may be the last one that would come to mind as being hijacked by the LGBTQ community.  But it appears nothing is sacred.

Tampax has posted this ad campaign in teen magazines and on popular teen social media sites like Twitter – saying that not everyone who has a menstrual cycle is a woman.

It’s unbelievable — and meant to normalize the ridiculous idea that if a teenage girl feels that she is a boy, she is a boy, even if her body behaves as a female.

This gender ideology is forced upon our children every day in many different ways.

While we may have some control over the products we buy for our children, there is a great deal of messaging and marketing going on that we’d never expect.

The key is to do our research about where we choose to spend our hard-earned money, and make our children aware of this attempted normalization, enforcing our values to help them combat this propaganda as they get older.

Our children are susceptible to peer pressure and messaging in the media.

The LGBTQ community knows this and is working hard with the companies whose pockets they line to make sure that we’re so inundated by their agenda, we don’t even notice anymore.

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