Big Move As North Carolina Encourages Education Beyond Public School

Conservative families are feeling forced to seek alternatives to the public school system.

With all the requirements in diversity curriculums, many classrooms are being taught to accept the LGBT lifestyle.

Parents are also being made aware of things their children were exposed to in the public schools after the fact, such as propaganda affiliated with LGBT awareness days.

Just a couple of months ago, a high school made thousands of kids sit through videos about homosexual marriage and the LGBT lifestyle, without parental consent, as Mommy Underground previously reported.

Unfortunately, because of high costs, time restrictions, or prior responsibilities, there are some families who have no options outside of sending their children to public school.

North Carolina is looking to change that so all citizens of their state have a choice to subject their children to a politically correct, left-wing agenda or not.

Other options for parents are charter schools, private schools, or homeschooling; all of which can be done with a morally acceptable approach.

The Daily Caller reported:

A Republican-controlled General Assembly in North Carolina has ushered in educational changes by nixing a cap of 100 state charter schools, establishing two programs through which special needs kids can receive funding for private education, and opening the Opportunity Scholarship initiative, which provides lower-income families with vouchers worth up to $4,200 a year for private schools.”

Now, families that were once hindered by the financial strain of taking their kids out of public school and into the private sector are no longer held back from protecting their children.

Previously, with the cap on how many charter schools were allowed, there was only a select number of children that had the privilege to leave public schools when they weren’t meeting traditional values.

With the cap lifted, institutions can be built by supply and demand. As more parents apply for the government assisted vouchers, more space will be needed to accommodate the need.

Already, North Carolina has a surprisingly number of parents opting to use educational approaches apart from public school.

According to The Daily Caller, “Almost 20 percent of K-12 students in North Carolina are not attending traditional public schools.”

Today’s families are more apt to think about all options available to them in their child’s education, as opposed to in the past when it was rare to think outside the box.

Parents for Educational Freedom Interim President Brian Jodice said, “We’re no longer in this mindset that because I live at this address or this ZIP code I have to attend this particular school that works for many students but doesn’t have to be the only choice”, as reported by The Daily Caller.

The public school system has been weaponized by the left, forcing an agenda in the name of diversity.

It is obvious through many examples we have seen in the media that liberals are more focused on informing our children of inappropriate sexual acts, than providing valuable educational material and life tools.

Shockingly, in an appalling advancement from Godless organizations, even kindergarteners are being shown pornographic images in public school, as Mommy Underground reported.

Financial gain is an unsavory motive for many of those looking to push immoral education in the schools.

The Daily Caller reported:

North Carolina has already embraced the privatization, the [American Legislative Exchange Council] agenda of dismantling public schools in favor of their donors who’d rather try to monetize what should be a public good,” N.C. Justice Center’s Education and Law Project education finance and policy consultant Kris Nordstrom said.”

Homeschooling has been legal everywhere in our nation since 1993, and we see a higher number of families choosing this route than ever before, according to She Knows.

Many countries around the world, such as Germany and Greece, make it illegal to not put your kids in public school.

Those countries find it necessary to force public education in order to ensure kids are taught a unified lesson plan that supports the direction of the country.

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That is what the public school system in the United States is doing, only it is trying to change the direction of the country to reflect a degrading society standard in morality and values.

Culture is being crushed under the of weight liberal oppression, but we don’t have to stand for it.

There are options for our children. We can choose to take them out of a corrupt system, or we can seek change to the system.

Please let us know in the comments section if you have had to make any drastic moves to protect your children in public schools.