Boston’s Blatant Discrimination And Double Standard Could Set Dangerous Precedent

A Christian group was hosting an event at City Hall Plaza in Boston, and was eager to fly a Christian flag with a cross.

But Boston refused to let the Christian group fly their flag, and you won’t believe the reason why.

Even more horrific, after discriminating against the Christians, they allowed this blatant anti-family group to fly the most reprehensible flag yet.

It’s no secret Boston is a liberal safe-haven.

But given the history of American history that took place in Boston, one would think they if anyone, understand the importance of protecting freedom of speech.

So when a Christian group wanted to fly a Christian flag, which happened to have a cross on it, it should have been a no brainer.

But the group was denied, and received a ridiculous statement about not allowing “religious” flags to be flown.

The Boston Globe reported:

“Harold Shurtleff, the 59-year-old director of Camp Constitution, a public charitable trust, said his group was denied a permit last year to raise a Christian flag on one of City Hall’s flag poles in connection with an event.

According to Shurtleff’s suit, the city denied the request because Boston “maintains a policy and practice of respectfully refraining from flying non-secular flags on City Hall flagpoles.”

In an e-mail to Shurtleff, Gregory Rooney, Boston’s property management commissioner, said “This policy and practice is consistent with well-established First Amendment jurisprudence prohibiting a local government ‘respecting an establishment of religion.’ ”

So given the response, one would think Boston had pretty strict guidelines when flying flags, right?

But as it turns out, when LGBT activists wanted to fly their offensive rainbow flag on “gay pride day”, they were met with open arms!

Yes, the Christians were restricted from flying their flag, but the LGBT community had full rights to fly theirs.

Clearly this shows blatant discrimination against this Christian group.

The LGBT community continues to force their way into every city government, and they get full access to do whatever they want.

The City of Boston shouldn’t pick and choose which groups have the “right” to fly a flag.

If they allowed the LGBT community to fly a rainbow flag, Christians should be given the same opportunity.

The attack on Christians is deep, as LGBT activists grow stronger.

But Shurtleff and his group aren’t going away just yet.

In fact, Shurtleff decided to sue, and take this blatant denial of rights all the way to the courts.

The Boston Globe continued:

“The suit said the city violated the freedom of speech rights of Shurtleff and Camp Constitution and asserted the city’s policies “are not neutral, but are invidious and hostile, towards religion.” It also argues the city’s actions are unconstitutional “because they treat displays of ‘non-secular’ flags differently than they treat displays of ‘secular’ flags.”

Let’s hope this Christian group prevails in victory, or a dangerous precedent will be set, giving LGBT activists even more power and influence over policy.

Do you think the Christian group should have been allowed to fly the Christian flag?

What are your thoughts on Boston denying the Christian group, yet allowing LGBT activists the opportunity to fly a rainbow flag?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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