Breastfeeding Hacks Too Good To Be True

Being able to provide the best nourishment on the planet for our children is a beautiful gift.

There are times, however, when the magical act of breastfeeding doesn’t feel like such the perfect symbiotic process it is designed to be.

Feeding while out on the town, while engorged, or when there are distractions abounding can test a tired mother’s patience.

The goal is to begin and end a feeding without stress, using the precious bonding time to gently gaze into one another’s eyes.

As you watch your baby sink deep into blissful satisfaction at the end of a quality milk session, you forget about all the trying times leading up to that moment.

So, let’s go over a few breastfeeding hacks that have been tried by real mothers in real situations.

These are sure to make life a little easier, giving you more time and focus on those adorable chubby cheeks.

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