Breastfeeding Hacks Too Good To Be True

  1. Fidgety Finger Distraction

Babies love to get the feel of everything around them. After all, most of the stimuli are all new for them, and very exciting.

When those nubby fingers get ahold of a clump of hair (ouch!), or won’t stop trying to make their way to your uvula, having something they can really clamp down on is a great idea.

A nursing necklace is the perfect answer. You can buy them at maternity stores, or online, but even better you can make your own.

Making various sized knots in a strip of old T-shirt that you tie into a necklace is more entertaining than you would think.

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You can also use wooden beads to string a necklace, just make sure they can’t come undone, and that they don’t have a glossy layer that can be dangerous if removed by curious hands and mouths.