Breastfeeding Hacks Too Good To Be True

  1. Feed In A Carrier

This is one of the greatest breastfeeding tricks in the book. You can feed your baby in their baby carrier while it is attached to you.

Using a sling you can adjust the length to have baby right at your breast. And, if you are utilizing the two-shirt method raising the first layer won’t even be noticeable with the sling on.

Slings also have lots of extra fabric that you can wrap place over the opening gently to give an extra layer of concealment.

Just be sure that baby is in a good position to breathe, where his head is not tilted toward his chest.

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In a soft baby carrier where baby is sitting straight up, you can shift the carrier to one side a little to align the baby’s mouth with your breasts.

Use the napping cover to snap over top, giving a perfect nursing canopy. No one will be the wiser.