Breastfeeding Hacks Too Good To Be True

  1. Always Carry A Water Bottle

This may not seem like the brilliant hack you were thinking would be on a list of the best breastfeeding ideas, but without water, there is no milk.

It is easier than one thinks to take this small necessity for granted. Your level of milk supply as a new mom can be a direct reflection of your stress level.

When the gates are flooded, and all are eating to their fill, everything seems okay. A newborn crying from lack of sustenance is a bad day for all.

Have a water bottle you get specifically to remind you to drink while nursing, especially in the beginning.

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Decorate it with fun sayings like, “nourish mom, nourish baby”, or “watch me turn water into milk.”

According to Mother Rising, a breastfeeding mom should drink 32oz more daily than the typical adult who should be drinking 64oz daily.