Breastfeeding Hacks Too Good To Be True

  1. Put Cabbage In Your Bra

I know this sounds like someone playing a new mommy prank on you, but putting cabbage in your bra does help relieve engorgement, many moms report.

The trick is to get the cabbage really cold before strategically placing it. Be careful not to leave them there too long, or use this method too often, because it can interfere with milk production.

Engorged breasts are extremely unpleasant. You may be laughing now, but when the day comes where you’re not sure if your breasts are going to pop or not, you will be running for the refrigerator desperately hoping you have a couple pieces of cabbage lying around.

These are only a few of the many hacks smart mommas have come up with to make nursing a little less complicated.

Try one, or all, of these tips to see what works for your nursing schedule. Some babies are extremely easy to nurse, while others may need all these tips to stay on track.

Breastfeeding offers a wide array of benefits every mom would want for their little one, as Mommy Underground previously reported.

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The best thing is that you are giving breastfeeding a try, and doing what you can to give your cherub a healthy start in life.

Please let us know in the comments section if you have a breastfeeding tip that has worked wonders for you.