Breastfeeding Myths Debunked For The Skeptic

  1. Formula is just as nutritious as breastmilk

It is impossible to have every bottle of formula custom made to the exact nutritional profile that your baby needs, but that is what breastfeeding does.

As your baby grows, the breastmilk changes the micronutrient ratios to help your baby reach every developmental milestone.

Breastmilk Counts reported:

Your milk has antibodies, anti-viruses, and anti-allergens that help protect baby from illness. These important ingredients are not in formula. Your milk also has hormones that help baby grow. Breastmilk is also more easily digested by baby and has more vitamins and minerals than formula. Plus, breastmilk is free, fresh, and safe for baby to drink anytime, anywhere.”

Formula is a life-saving option for babies who don’t have a mom to provide milk for them, or for the rare chance that a mother is unable to give breastmilk, but as an option, there is no comparison to all natural.

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