Breastfeeding Myths Debunked For The Skeptic

  1. I can’t breastfeed because I work

Heading back to work is hard in and of itself, but that does not mean that you need to cease breastfeeding.

Countless working moms put in the extra effort to make sure their little ones are still getting the best nutrients possible from breastmilk.

Before going back to work, establishing breastfeeding is key to long-term positive results.

While at work you can pump every 2-3 hours to bring home the liquid gold for your baby to eat the following day.

It’s understandable that some jobs are demanding, and that pumping as often as you would like is not an option.

However, you can build a supply at home before leaving for work so that if you miss a pumping session every now and again, it won’t affect your baby.

And don’t forget, employers are legally required to allow a mom to pump regularly, and to give them a place to do it.