California Loosens Punishment Of Pedophiles In The Name Of “LGBT Rights”

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California politicians pride themselves on being “inclusive” – even though their policies are dangerous.

It’s no surprise, the latest legislation aimed at ending “discrimination” of LGBT youth is no different.

And now thanks to leftist politicians – more children are in serious danger of being sexually assaulted by adults.

In California, it was already legal for a judge to have the “authority” to not put a sexual predator on a sex offender registry, as long as the girl was at least 14 years old, and the adult was no more than 10-years older.

The law also says the act had to be “consensual” – as if a 14-year old child could consent to sexual relations with a 24-year old man.

Give me a break!

This opens up the floodgates for human trafficking and all kinds of abuse – as predators will use any tactic to brainwash their victims.

But instead of doing away with this horrific legislation, California Democrats had the “genius” idea to make the law even worse.

You see, the previous law only allowed for judges’ discretion for heterosexual acts – which LGBT activists found “offensive” and “discriminatory.”

In the past, if the sexual predator committed a homosexual act – they were automatically placed on the sex offender registry.

One liberal politician decided this wasn’t “fair” and sodomy should be included as an act where judges have discretion to place the predator on a sex offender registry – or choose not to.

Meaning, if a 24-year old man has sexual relations with a 14-year old boy – a leftist judge could deem the act “consensual” – and choose to not place the sexual predator on a sex offender registry!

Talk about giving sexual predators the freedom (and encouragement) to commit more horrific acts!

Of course, proponents of the bill claim the intent was for relationships “closer in age” – like an 18-year old and a 17-year old in a relationship…

… but if that’s the case, why was the bill written to include children as young as 14-years old?

Time and time again, politicians prove they would rather promote their LGBT agenda than focus on keeping children safe.

The architect behind the bill, is open homosexual Sen. Scott Wiener.

Of course.

Wiener went on to say how placing sexual predators on a sex offender registry could “destroy lives.”

NY Daily News

“Currently, these youth are forced onto the registry for consensual sex — even if a judge doesn’t think it’s appropriate — in situations where straight youth are not. This discrimination destroys lives,” Wiener wrote on Facebook about the legislation…

The bill “ends discrimination against #LGBTQ young people on CA’s sex offender registry,” Wiener tweeted Wednesday. “It treats LGBTQ people exactly how straight ppl are now treated,” he wrote, adding that “the bill is the subject of a massive misinformation campaign by MAGA/QAnon.”

Of course, instead of realizing the danger behind his legislation, he accuses Trump supporters of blowing the bill out of proportion.

No matter how you slice it – no adult should have a free pass to have sexual relations with a child – and get a free pass by a judge.

All this bill does is guarantee further sexual assault will continue to happen.

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