Calming Phrases When Tantrums Strike

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A ticking time bomb can go off at any moment, striking when you least expect it, making you feel helpless against its forces.

The fused explosive, a.k.a. your sweet little child can go full Godzilla on you in a matter of seconds, with no concern about where you are.

So what do you do in these embarrassing and stressful moments?

A friend tells you to wait out the tantrum, a book you just read advises that you immediately leave the environment, and your mother wants you to use stricter discipline.

Some, or all of these, may work in different scenarios but are not always practical depending on various factors.

In the end, the goal for your child who falls victim to the tantrum is to have them develop anger management skills, so they can control themselves in the future.

Try to resist the urge to give in to the emotion you feel as your princess turned werewolf flails her limbs in the middle of story time at the library.

The negative energy is contagious, but exhibiting anger in the tense moment only escalates things.

Find your inner calm and try some of these effective phrases to diffuse the situation, or at the very least look like you have it all together as a mom.

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