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Another Rape Survivor Chooses Life

  Many people assume if a woman becomes pregnant by rape, she will automatically choose to abort her baby. However, nothing could be further from the truth. There are countless women who suffered through the violence of rape, yet bravely decided to carry their babies – and just wait until […]

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Flight Attendant Tries To Physically Cover Baby’s Face And Calls Mom “Disgusting” For Breastfeeding

  A mom was on an American Airlines flight breastfeeding her baby when the unthinkable happened. Apparently, a flight attendant was upset the mom was breastfeeding her baby – and you won’t believe what she did next. Not only did she physically try and cover the baby’s face – but […]

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Popular Mom Site Promotes Disturbing Books To Brainwash Your Child Into Believing LGBT Lies

    Going to the library is one of the oldest and most treasured outings for children. Between story time, all the new adventures to read about, and the relationships that form over similar interests, there was no place parents thought was safer for their kids – until now. If […]

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California Inmates Fear For Their Lives After Being Housed With “Transgender” Prisoners  

  The LGBT movement has officially infiltrated its way into every sphere of America – including the prison system. While prisoners used to be separated by their biological gender, a new wave of “inclusion” is allowing prisoners to choose where to be housed based on what gender they “identify” with. […]

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5 Effective Ways To Support Our Children’s Mental Health

  Recent events have given parents a whole new slew of issues to deal with concerning their children. There are all the new school policies to contend with or virtual schooling, trying to limit screen time when the entire family is home 24/7, and learning to entertain multiple children at […]

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4 Reasons To Load Up On The Essential Vitamin Of The Season

  Summer is not typically the time people think about loading up on their vitamins because of all the fun to be had. But what if you could successfully do both with ease, gaining benefits beyond what you had imagined. Well, you can! And we can tell you why you […]

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The Left Is In a Panic As Parents Take Back Control of Their Children’s Education

  Today’s parents are facing an uphill battle – the erosion of values within our society and an attack on parental rights as progressives work to groom our children to suit their agenda. This is perhaps most evident in the education system, as children face the threat of indoctrination, insufficient […]

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LGBT Activists Use Books As Their Latest Weapon To Target Innocent Children

  This summer looks a bit different for families, as many favorite destination places are still closed due to the pandemic. To keep children entertained, many families are reading more books than ever, which under normal circumstances would be considered a good thing. Except LGBT activists have taken the innocent […]

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This Summer – Take The Pressure Off Teens And Let Them Enjoy Their Last Years As Kids

  Teens often find themselves in an odd place – they aren’t quite yet adults but they are feeling the pressure to make the transition. From selecting what college they want to attend, to having to decide a career, many teens are cracking under the fear and anxiety of the […]

Mom Gets Wrong Diagnosis And It Nearly Kills Her

Mom Gets Wrong Diagnosis And It Nearly Kills Her

We have all had those moments where we see a mole and think skin cancer or get a cough and think the bird flu is on the way.  Heading to the doctor we try to stay open-minded but fear what the prognosis may be. A fearful mother has one of […]