Centuries Of Values Abandoned As This Nation Betrays The Innocent

Every day in the U.S., progressives push an agenda that kills unborn children because they feel it is a woman’s “right.”

The agenda has spread globally at a rapid pace, with propaganda disguised as “health care” and other nonsense that covers up any sense of wrongdoing in the death of a child.

Recently, one nation that had been a stronghold of Christian values and tradition fell prey to this agenda – and now they are completely abandoning the rights of the unborn.

In May of this year, Mommy Underground reported on Ireland’s tragic vote to repeal the Eighth Amendment to their Constitution that prohibited abortion.

It was one of the few countries in the world that still held that abortion was murder, adhering to its predominantly Catholic roots.

But younger generations, influenced by global brainwashing on the abortion issue, fought for women to have the “right to choose.”

On September 18th, the legislation was finally passed into law repealing the amendment, and countless unborn children will now be sentenced to death.

 “Today is a day to remember all the lives saved by the 8th Amendment and all the people who are alive today because of it,” said pro-lifer, Dr. Ruth Cullen, according to the Daily Mail. “But it’s also a sad day for human rights as a vital life-saving human rights provision of the Constitution has been removed.”

But who could have known just how rabidly progressive the country was to become in so short a time?

Now, Ireland’s pro-abortion Health Minister, Simon Harris, says he aims to give women access to free abortions by January of next year.

Prior to repeal of the Eighth Amendment, women would travel to other countries to have abortions.  Harris believes that if abortions are not provided as a free health service by the Irish government, women will go elsewhere.

Harris anticipates that offering free abortions as “health care” will prevent private clinics from opening and – the bottom line – making money and taking funding and control away from the government.

Harris said, according to Life News,

“You see private clinics develop, we don’t want that to happen in Ireland we want this to be part of an integrated health service, and secondly you can see people having to continue to travel.”

It gets worse.

Harris’ proposed abortion legislation is set to be considered by the Dáil Éireann, the principal chamber of the Irish legislature, in October.

It includes forcing hospitals – including private Catholic hospitals – to perform abortions or refer women seeking them to a government-run hospital if the private hospital refuses to provide one.

The legislation would also legalize abortion for any reason through the first trimester of pregnancy.

It would also legalize the murder of unborn babies up to six months if a disability or genetic disorder is found in the child past the twelve-week window.

This is eugenics, plain and simple.

Ireland is on the path toward eradicating any child who is not considered “perfect,” just as other nations like Iceland have been doing with Down syndrome and other genetic disorders.

In the Dáil Éireann chamber, many of the 158 members, known as Teachta Dála or “TDs,” want to prohibit abortions on the basis of a disability or genetic disorder being diagnosed.

Although Harris originally claimed that late-term abortions would not be granted on the basis of an abnormality or disability in the pre-born child, he now says he would oppose any TDs prohibiting “eugenic” abortions.

Pro-life legislators are working feverishly to draw up amendments to present when the pro-abortion legislation is considered next month that would offer some form of protection to the unborn.

Others are concerned that understaffed government facilities and undertrained personnel will face a crisis in the system if free access to abortion is legalized.  They say they aren’t properly equipped to treat abortion as an elective “health care” issue and are concerned about the safety of the women involved.

Dr. Cullen sees sad days ahead for Ireland, not just for the unborn who will be slaughtered, but for the country’s heritage and future.

For a nation so deeply rooted in tradition and Catholicism, she feels the nation as a whole will regret repealing the life-saving Eighth Amendment because they all-too-quickly jumped on the left’s bandwagon, caving to the pressure, bullying, and scare tactics they use on the rest of the world.

Life News continued:

 “I am confident that a day will come in the not too distant future when people reflect on what has happened and regret the fact that we as a society have opened the door to the greatest injustice and discrimination of our time, namely legalised abortion, which targets and ends the lives of innocent and defenceless unborn babies,” Cullen said.

We can only pray that someday Ireland – and the rest of the world – realizes that legalizing abortion is a holocaust against the innocent.

Perhaps one day these immoral laws will be reversed, and life will once again be cherished and protected as God intends.

But for now, Ireland has entered a dark period in their nation’s history, one that will inevitably lead to millions of innocent children being denied their right to life and a future.

What do you think of the proposed legislation that will allow free access to abortions, and possibly late-term abortions if a disability is found in a pre-born child?  Leave us your thoughts.




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