Children Become The Victims Of This Left-Wing Group’s Christian Targeting

It is well known that rabid left-wing organizations and companies target conservative beliefs – and any viewpoint that conflicts with their own agenda.

This includes churches, conservative advocacy groups, and private schools and hospitals.

And one well recognized organization that claims to fight to protect the rights of all individuals is at it again – and the innocent are once again in the crossfire.

The liberally-biased American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) has an ironic name, as they only fight to protect the rights of clients who will preserve and advance the progressive agenda.

The American Civil Liberties Union’s official mission statement is “to defend and preserve the individual rights and liberties guaranteed to every person in this country by the Constitution and laws of the United States.”

But they don’t seem to think that rights to free speech, religious liberty, or even life should be guaranteed to conservatives – fighting against Christian and conservative groups time and time again for their belief in traditional values.

Now a Catholic adoption agency that has helped place thousands of children in loving homes is under fire.

St. Vincent’s Catholic Charities in Lansing, Michigan specializes in placing “hard-to-place” kids with families, including those with special needs, older children and teens, and sibling groups – those who are usually the last to be adopted out, if they are adopted out at all.

The American foster care system is in a state of crisis.  Nearly half a million kids are currently in foster care.  In 2016, 23,000 of these kids aged out of the system, with 20 percent of them becoming instantly homeless.

They are far less likely to attend college or establish themselves in a career — often working odd jobs (if they can find them) to survive when they lose help from the state at age 18 – and thousands will suffer from PTSD, addiction, or other mental health crises due to lack of support.

Life News reports that in 2017:

St. Vincent’s recruited more new adoptive families than nearly 90 percent of the other agencies in its service area.” This high rate of success was the result of “St. Vincent’s religious mission” which “gives it a unique position to recruit families who value its religious beliefs, families who might not otherwise have been aware of or considered adoption through the foster care system.”

So why would anyone try to prevent an organization with a proven track record of success from helping as many children as they can before they age out?

The reason is simple – the ACLU doesn’t like the Catholic charity organization because it does not support same-sex marriage, abortion, or the litany of other immoral leftist causes the ACLU fights for.

And the ACLU has filed a suit against the state of Michigan to “forbid the state from partnering with faith-based adoption agencies like St. Vincent” solely because [of] “their religious beliefs about marriage,” according to Life News.

In fact, because they wanted to place the needs of the children first, St. Vincent’s has even referred homosexual couples looking to adopt to other facilities who, in turn, have adopted some of the children most difficult to place.

And Michigan’s Child Services has said that the ACLU’s lawsuit will do nothing but harm children looking for loving homes, particularly teens and those with special needs who are already facing incredible odds to be adopted.

Former foster kids who went through St. Vincent’s are furious over the absurd lawsuit and stepping up to support the organization that gave them a second chance at life.

St. Vincent’s is but the latest Christian organization to experience the wrath of the ACLU and other left-wing groups.

The ACLU has filed suits against Catholic hospitals that provide much-needed charity care to those who need it most because they do not offer abortions.

The New York Post reported:

Although the ACLU claims to support the right of religious persons to practice their faith without government interference, it’s rabidly against Catholic health providers doing the same, demanding that all hospitals and health-care professionals put their consciences, morals and ethics aside. They must be made to perform abortions or give up government support and nonprofit benefits.

In 2015, they reversed support for amending the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, citing that Christians are “inherently discriminatory.”

The ACLU’s Deputy Legal Director said at the time:

Yes, religious freedom needs protection. But religious liberty doesn’t mean the right to discriminate or to impose one’s views on others. The RFRA wasn’t meant to force employees to pay a price for their employer’s faith, or to allow businesses to refuse to serve gay and transgender people, or to sanction government-funded discrimination.

In typical leftist fashion, groups like the ACLU cry discrimination every time conservative Christians stand for their beliefs.  The group cites that the First Amendment right to religious liberty of their clients are being violated any time they are denied an abortion at a private Christian hospital or services from private Christian businesses who do not want to take part in homosexual “weddings.”

But they are the first to attack conservative Christians when we stand for our beliefs – an absurd double standard, and one that makes their ironic claim to be a “civil liberties” organization a questionable one.

The hypocrisy of the left is evident at every turn.  Every time they attack a conservative group for standing for their beliefs, they are doing exactly what they claim conservative Christian groups are doing – discriminating against someone for their religious beliefs.

But there is a difference in standing strong for one’s beliefs and forcing them on others.  And here is where the ACLU and other left-wing organizations show their true colors.

The left expects – demands – that the rest of us fall in line with their agenda, and they are infuriated that we continue to fight to preserve our values.

For now, groups like the ACLU are only harming more innocents by advocating for abortion and working to prevent charities like St. Vincent’s from saving children within an overwhelmed adoption and foster care system.

Mommy Underground will keep you posted on any developments in the ACLU’s case against the state of Michigan.

What do you think of the ACLU’s constant barrage of lawsuits against Christian groups while claiming to fight for all Americans’ Constitutional rights?  Leave us your thoughts.




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