Children Targeted By LGBT Activists With This SICK Piece Of Legislation

LGBT activists are dead set on introducing insane legislation to promote their “transgender” agenda.

And they are winning.

But their latest legislation leaves adults out of the equation and instead targets children in the worst way.

Conservatives continue to cringe at the decay of society.

Same-sex marriages.

Christian bakers being sued for refusing to bake a cake for a homosexual couple.

Transgender” changing rooms and bathrooms.

And it goes on and on.

But the worst part about the “transgender” agenda, is the obsession with targeting children.

Innocent, and impressionable children who haven’t yet developed the discernment to filter out the ludicrous acts these adults push onto children.

Mommy Underground  previously reported the story on a 5-year-old child who is still traumatized by his teacher’s “transition” ceremony.

But LBGT activists just keep digging deeper and deeper and crafting up new ways to target children.

I fact, their movement is spreading all around the world.

Irresponsible parents are suddenly deciding to allow their children to “change genders” for the most absurd reasons.

Just because a little girl likes to play in the dirt or climb trees, doesn’t means she should “transition” to a boy.

And likewise, just because a boy is more sensitive than others, doesn’t mean he is “really a girl” and should have hormone treatment.

But LGBT activists are insistent that gender is irrelevant, and a child can “decide” to be whatever gender they want.

And now, they are attempting to back up their “transgender” agenda through dangerous legislation.

In Chile, a pro-life group called “Mass Resistance” has been doubling down and fighting back against the LGBT group.

The original legislation would allow for a “sex change” for children 14 and up without the consent of parents!


Imagine a depressed 14-year-old being able to make this decision without the parent’s approval.

But it gets worse.

The bill even allows children under 14 years to get a “sex change” with just the consent of one parent!

Imagine a deranged dad taking in a child without his wife’s consent to get a “sex change”!

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Mass Resistance reported:

“The bill establishes that transgenderism is not a disease, so no one would need to resort to medical exams or psychotherapy for a so-called sex change. People 18 and over could get a sex change by just showing an ID. Minors under 14 could legally get a sex change with only one parent agreeing.

And at ages 14-18 if neither of the parents authorize it, the child can go to a judge. The judge will decide after speaking with a parent, and without requiring any medical examination or certificates.”

Thankfully, pro-life groups were able to put pressure on politicians and weaken the bill, but they aren’t out of the clear just yet.

LGBT groups are doubling down, and working day and night to force their agenda onto all, and it is truly terrifying.

What are your thoughts on the proposed “transgender” legislation in Chile?

Do you think a minor should be able to get a “sex change” without the consent of a parent?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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