Defiant Virginia Governor Refuses To Resign And Pro-Life Virginians Turn Up The Heat

The chaos in Virginia continues as Governor Ralph Northam refuses to step down even as additional scandals continue to break.

Despite Governor Ralph Northam’s pro-abort comments which allude to the fact he supports full-blown infanticide, he continues to find himself in hot water and remains defiant.

But pro-lifers are not letting up the pressure on Northam, in fact, a massive pro-life rally took place on the steps of the capital drawing in nearly one thousand activists, and that’s just the beginning of their battle cry.

Mommy Underground previously reported on Northam’s horrific comments regarding babies where he uttered outrageous remarks like “the infant would be delivered; the infant would be kept comfortable; the infant would be resuscitated if that’s what the mother and the family desired”.

However, the chaos surrounding Northam didn’t stop there.

Northam found himself trapped up in additional scandals when his old medical school yearbook surfaced and featured a photo on Northam’s personal yearbook page of two gentlemen – one dressed in blackface and the other wearing a KKK white hood.

At first, Northam admitted he was one of the men in the photo and apologized publicly…

… but then the very next day he walked back his apology and claimed he didn’t look at the photo closely enough and said it wasn’t him.

The saga rolled out into a dramatic press conference, where Northam explained he wasn’t dressed in blackface in “that” photo, but claimed he had done blackface a different time when he dressed up as Michael Jackson.

He was even about to moonwalk during the bizarre press conference until his wife reminded him it wasn’t appropriate circumstances (yes seriously).

And while Democrats all over the country are now calling Northam to resign, they are missing the point.

Calling only attention to Northam’s appeared racist past, they’ve seemed to gloss over his outrageous comment which suggested he supports infanticide.

But pro-lifers didn’t forget.

And they are demanding Ralph Northam step down immediately from his position.

To energize the pro-life base, activists held a Commonwealth for Life Rally right on the steps of the Virginia State Capitol… in front of politicians.

The rally was composed of passionate pro-life leaders and activists sharing their testimonies, and even a few pro-life legislators who are determined to take a fierce stand for life.

Conservative hero Delegate Nick Freitas gave an impassioned speech encouraging men to step up to the plate and not leave the burden solely to women to fight the pro-life battle. His speech was met with thunderous applause from both men and women in the crowd.

Leslie Blackwell with Silent No More is a post-abortive mother who admitted she used to be an “angry, pro-abortion feminist”, and is now a pro-life activist speaking out for life. She used her story to demonstrate to the crowd change is possible.

Other speakers reminded the audience to fight the battle on their knees in prayer, while at the same time holding elected officials accountable.

You could see a sea of faces holding pro-life signs such as “Lord forgive us & our nation” and “abortion before delivery is murder.”

And another Virginia March for Life is scheduled to take place April 3rd at the Virginia State Capitol, to keep the momentum strong.

But Ralph Northam still remains defiant and has refused to walk back his remarks regarding infanticide.

Power dies hard.

Politicians hate to give up their seats of authority, and despite a scandal-ridden past and recent remarks regarding babies, Governor Northam remains on his throne and continues to cause disruption in chaos throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Will he be able to stand the heat of thousands of pro-life activists unified together?

Only time will tell, and Mommy Underground will continue to keep you updated as new information becomes available.

Do you think Governor Ralph Northam should resign?

Why do you think he refuses to step down and give up his position as Governor?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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