Democrat Legislator and Hollywood Celebs Are Going Ballistic Over This Life-Saving Bill

It is impossible to understand why the left has such a disdain for innocent human life.

They find it “offensive” that pro-lifers even suggest taking away a woman’s ability to legally kill her own child.

And now, a progressive legislator is making unbelievable comments about a pro-life bill.

Democrat Stacey Abrams of the Georgia House of Representatives has been hitting the airwaves recently in response to a bill that her state’s Governor, Brian Kemp, has stated he will sign into law.

House Bill 48 would forbid abortion in the state once a heartbeat can be detected.  Pro-lifers are rejoicing but, of course, the left is going ballistic.

But Abrams isn’t just arguing against the bill with the usual “infringement on women’s rights” argument that most leftists use.

No, Abrams says that forbidding abortion in early pregnancy is “evil.”

“You should not have to worry about your ability to control your bodily autonomy because the governor has pushed such an abominable and evil bill that is so restrictive,” Abrams stated in a recent interview with MSNBC.

So it’s “evil” and “abominable” to restrict the murder of the unborn because it inconveniences women who don’t want to be pregnant?

And if those comments weren’t bad enough, Abrams continued, “It’s not only bad for morality and our humanity, it’s bad for business.”

And just what kind of business is a pro-life bill bad for?  The only one that we can think of would be abortion clinics like Planned Parenthood in the state of Georgia.

One ridiculous assumption Abrams makes is that women will not move to Georgia if they are not able to have abortions there.  It’s mind-boggling the excuses they come up with for keeping abortion unrestricted.

How can preserving human life be immoral and bad for humanity?  The progressive hypocrisy never seems to end, and Abrams is a perfect example of how the left likes to talk circles around the issue.

And it’s worth noting that Abrams lost her gubernatorial bid to Brian Kemp, so it’s safe to say there’s some bad blood there.

The truth is simple:  Progressives want to preserve the legality of abortion because of money.  Radical left-wing legislators want to be re-elected.

The wealthy celebrities, moguls and major corporations who donate to political campaigns are all intertwined with the abortion lobby.  So it’s obvious that these Democrats will do all they can to keep their war chests full.

In fact, Hollywood celebs are putting pressure on Governor Kemp to prevent him from signing the bill into law.

Over 50 actors signed a letter to the Governor containing a veiled threat – if you sign the bill, we’ll never work in your state again.

Abrams says she is against any boycott of Georgia by the film and television industries since it would “re-victimize women in particular when you take away the jobs that have come to the state,” though she did refer to the threat of boycott as a “call for action” to fight against this life-saving bill.

So Abrams also thinks that when innocent unborn children are protected from death that it “victimizes” women.  The absurd arguments are never-ending.

For his part, Kemp is standing his ground.  He has stated that he will keep his campaign promise to pass the toughest bill possible against abortion.

The bill passed out of committee and will be signed prior to the May 12th deadline.

Although Democrats and Hollywood celebrities are vehemently opposed to the bill, pro-lifers have expressed concern that its language may provide some loopholes.

The President of Personhood Alliance, Gualberto Garcia Jones, wrote a piece for LifeSite News explaining the cause for concern.

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The Georgia Heartbeat bill includes the following provisions:

No abortion is authorized or shall be performed … except when:  A physician determines, in reasonable medical judgment, that a medical emergency exists, a physician determines, in reasonable medical judgment, that the pregnancy is medically futile, or the pregnancy is the result of rape or incest. (HB 48)

But it may allow too much leeway from doctors who often say that certain conditions are “incompatible with life” and recommend abortion.

Jones notes that there is never a medically necessary reason to terminate a pregnancy, something that has been stated by several pro-life physicians.  Instead, he says, the mother can be treated while trying to protect her unborn child from any side effects of treatment.

“Medically futile” is also a determination to be made by a physician.  Some may advocate for terminating a pregnancy, while others may provide whatever treatment they can to save the baby.  It’s all dependent on the beliefs and abilities of that physician.

All told, however, the bill is among the best hopes for a return to sanity in our nation.

It also sends a message that we are not all going to roll over and accept more and more indoctrination and threats from the progressive left.

We will stand for life and prove that our nation is not ready to give up the most basic right afforded to us – given by God and affirmed in the Declaration of Independence – the right to Life.

What do you think of Stacey Abrams’ absurd comments?  Leave us your thoughts.