Democrats Are Looking to Stop Conservatives from Protecting Babies in The Womb

The war for the lives of the unborn is raging like never before, as the assaults from the left press forward with no remorse.

President Trump has been a worthy advocate of the pro-life movement, supporting life-saving legislation at every turn, but now Democrats plan on hitting harder than they ever have.

Two women with an appalling disregard for children and families are trying to take a seat in the Oval Office, pledging to take as many lives down as possible in their wake.

In a move that would form an unconstitutional precedent if passed, infamous liberals Warren and Gillibrand are trying to get a federal mandate in place that would restrict conservatives from being able to pass pro-life legislation at the state level.

USA Today reports:

White House contenders Elizabeth Warren and Kirsten Gillibrand are calling on Congress to pass federal legislation that would pre-empt conservative state legislatures from passing laws that limit women’s access to abortions.”

Senator Warren of Massachusetts, and Senator Gillibrand of New York feel they need to step in because of legislation that has passed recently that has the whole pro-death camp in an uproar.

Six states- Georgia, Ohio, Kentucky, Mississippi, Iowa, and North Dakota- have victoriously banned abortion past 6-weeks’ gestation, according to The Cut.

Alabama shouldn’t be far behind making it on the list of pro-life game changers, reports NBC News, but is facing some court challenges after Gov. Kay Ivey banned the horrific practice almost completely.

Now, lawmakers in 16 other states, and counting, are looking to use their constitutional powers vested in them to pass similar legislation banning abortions.

Warren’s repugnant plan was presented by Medium and looks to form legislation that builds up iron walls around the Roe v. Wade ruling.

The post read:

By establishing the federal statute that spells out the right to an abortion, the Supremacy Clause in the U.S. Constitution would invalidate contradictory laws like the ones recently passed by conservative state legislatures, Warren said.”

In a totalitarianistic rant from Warren, she explained how she is aiming to have “Federal laws that will stand no matter what the Supreme Court does.”

Gillibrand spouted similar goals, saying that if she is president (which is far from likely) she will push to “codify Roe v. Wade into law to make it clear beyond the shadow of a doubt that women in this country have a guaranteed right to abortion,” reports NBC News.

Right now, the Senate is controlled by the GOP, and would not stand for these outlandish attempts, but pushing an agenda isn’t always about the reality of the situation.

Gillibrand took her campaign caravan to Alabama to let the people there know that she is not okay with the state saving babies’ lives through their recent legislation that deters hundreds of mothers from taking the life of their child.

In an unsurprising announcement, Gillibrand is having difficulty in the race for president in 2020, struggling “to gain traction”, as NBC News put it.

Many 2020 hopefuls are appealing to liberal’s immorality, saying that if they were elected they would first try to find judicial nominees that are pro-death to help in halting any life-saving measures for the up and coming generation.

Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg is one of these hopefuls telling NBC News that he would seek judicial nominees that had his “sense of freedom” about abortion rights.

Have you ever heard such a contradictory statement?

Hopefully, America gets a president that values life in 2020, and who upholds the transition Trump began of putting Supreme Court justices behind the bench that have the insight and heart to overturn Roe v. Wade, as Mommy Underground has previously reported.

Not only does Warren want to make abortion a free for all, but she wants to lift the safety regulations on abortions that she conspires right-wingers put in place to restrict women’s rights.

NBC News reports:

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Warren is also calling on Congress to pass federal laws that would counteract states’ targeted regulations that abortion rights supporters say limit access while not technically violating Roe. Examples of targeted regulations include requirements in some states that abortion providers have admitting privileges and rules requiring that abortion clinics be within a certain distance of hospitals.”

It seems Warren would rather have her agenda passed, than keep women safe; and this wouldn’t be the first time.

Staci Fox, president and CEO of Planned Parenthood Southeast, knows that pro-life efforts are going to be on the forefront of this upcoming presidential elections and “hopes to see more 2020 candidates speak out on the issue.”

We would all like to see that.

The aggressive force behind the left’s pro-death rallies, along with the extreme abortion bills being passed, are opening up America’s eyes on the reality of the obscene murders going on behind closed curtains.

Showing our support for pro-life candidates, and speaking out about the sanctity of human life, gives a voice to the millions of unborn children struggling to find their way into this world.

Please let us know in the comments section if you think Warren and Gillibrand’s efforts are going to make it to mainstream Democratic platforms in the upcoming elections.


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