Deranged Liberal Says MS-13 Would Be Better Than A Republican For His Daughter

The left has proclaimed some preposterous things in order to contravene conservative positions.

Through their attempts to normalize their agenda, progressives have had to flounder in order to take the attention away from the huge hole they are in.

One liberal has taken this concept to an extreme that any half-way loving father, no matter their political backing, would be appalled by.

Fox News Insider reported:

A writer said that he’d rather have his daughter date a member of the murderous MS-13 gang than a Republican.”


The MS-13 gang, whose motto is to “rape, control, kill”, according to the Washington Post, is a ruthless group of people who have no consideration for human life.

A Republican man is typically a hardworking American family man, that has strong moral values, and a smart financial sense.

Which one is truly the man you want making a life for your daughter? It would be a no contest!

The comments by Rousseau were not only idiotic but highly offensive to all those who have suffered at the hands of the gang.

Patrick Ryder is a Police Commissioner in Nassau County, New York. He has seen firsthand some of the atrocities that the MS-13 gang has inflicted on their victims, and their families.

You want the best for your children. Not the worst,” Ryder said on Fox and Friends. “MS-13’s motto: Kill, rape, control … That’s what you want dating your daughter?”

There have been six homicides by MS-13 last year in Nassau’s jurisdiction alone. Having to talk with the families of the deceased, Ryder told Fox and Friends:

I would love for [Rousseau] to sit down and speak with the victims’ families,” he said. “Tell them that he would rather have an MS-13 [member] date his daughter.”

The ignorant tweet from Rousseau was in response to a quote President Trump had said during a roundtable at the White House.

Trump had remarked the members of the barbarous gang were “animals.” Fox and Friends reported:

You wouldn’t believe how bad these people are. These aren’t people, these are animals, and we’re taking them out of the country at a level and at a rate that’s never happened before,”

Trump had said.”

Of course, the liberal media took these words out of context and tried to create a narrative where Trump was calling all illegal immigrants “animals”, which was simply not the case.

Vox, in a shameless report, blundered:

They’re animals.” It’s the latest in a series of statements stretching over Trump’s entire national political career that carelessly conflate immigration, criminality, and violence.”

The MS-13 gang is exactly the mesh of immigration, criminality, and violence! With members being mostly immigrants from El Salvador, Guatemala and Nicaragua who commit crimes and violent acts.

His speech was emphasizing the victory this nation has received in ridding dangerous criminals, by removing MS-13 gang members from our nation; which has been in spite of California’s sanctuary laws that attempt to protect them.

And like Sarah Huckabee said on Fox News, many Americans would agree that the words President Trump said are “strong enough” to describe these individuals.

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Huckabee added:

“…it took an animal to stab a man 100 times and decapitate him and cut his heart out,” referring to a particularly gruesome murder committed by MS-13 gang members.”

Tweeting offensive or ignorant quotes is nothing new for Rousseau, sadly. He prides himself on saying things that will specifically upset conservative Americans.

“I like to send rude or annoying replies to dumb right-wing reactionaries that I despise,” Rousseau wrote, according to Fox News.

Why he “despises” right-wing individuals is unclear, but without them, he wouldn’t be able to sit around all day writing idiotic tweets.

It is a shame that such a deplorable quote and word picture was used to try and “annoy” a group of people you don’t agree with.

It is a detestable aspect of social media that it would be used as a platform to uplift the immoral and degrade the praise-worthy, and liberals have perfected the art.

Please let us know in the comments section what you think of Rousseau’s tweet, and how that sort of speech isn’t a cause for concern for Twitter-like conservatism.