Disney’s Next Pixar Film Features LGBT Main Character

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Disney Pixar films like Toy Story and Inside Out have captured the hearts of children all across the world.

Kids love the cartoon/animation combination, and eagerly await to see what Disney has in store for them next.

But this time, Disney is using their loyal children-following to release an unthinkable film, and you won’t believe what they’ve done now.

You see, Disney knows children are innocent and vulnerable, and understand kids grow to have an infinity towards the main character “heroes” in each movie.

LGBT activists know this too – and have worked overtime to infiltrate Disney with pro-LGBT and transgender characters.

Sadly, it seems Disney continues to give a platform for LGBT activists to use to push their agenda onto innocent children.

And in yet another disgraceful move to get children hooked on the LGBT train, Disney’s next Pixar film titled Onward is set to be released with a different twist on the main character.

No, this character is not the beloved orange fish called Nemo, or Woody the all-American cowboy from Toy Story.

In Onward, the character “Officer Spector” is voiced by an actual lesbian.

If that isn’t bad enough – the animated female character in the film actually has a girlfriend.

Apparently in the movie when Officer Spector pulls over a motorist who claimed to have been distracted by his girlfriend’s kids, the Officer clearly points out she is a lesbian by making the comment “My girlfriend’s daughter got me pulling my hair out.” reported LifeSite News.

While some LGBT activists dismiss the scene as no big deal, it’s clear what they were doing.

Trying to make it seem completely “normal” for a female police officer to have a girlfriend sets the tone and example for kids that “regular” everyday people like police officers can date members of the same sex like it’s nothing.

Often times, it’s the subtle ways the LGBT agenda creeps in that slowly chips away at the minds of children leaving them confused on what is normal and what is not.

Parents are outraged at yet another attack on family values, and have started a petition to boycott the film.

A portion of the LifeSite News petition states:

“Disney should remain wholesome for kids. And, parents should show their displeasure with Disney for trying to sexualize their children.

“It’s a relentless onslaught against our children’s innocence,” said Gualberto Garcia Jones, LifeSite’s Director of Advocacy. “And, we parents have got to be just as relentless in rejecting Disney’s attempt to sexualize our children. That’s why we’re calling for a boycott of ‘Onward’.”

But the truth is, gone are the once wholesome Disney movies like Bambi and Cinderella that captured the hearts of previous generations.

Disney has made it clear they are supportive of the LGBT agenda, and they will do everything they can to allow LGBT activists to have full control.

Parents must no longer assume Disney shows are safe for children.

In fact, now they must assume just the opposite.

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