Ditch This Popular Toy So You Don’t Live With Regret

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Every mother has a toy they loathe that cannot seem to make it to the donation center because their daughter spots it in the “giveaway pile” before it is slipped in the trunk undetected.

Most of the time these toys are ones with a million little pieces you keep picking up all over the house, or ones that repeat the same four words over and over again (and of course this is the toy that never seems to run out of batteries when all the others take a new set each week).

However, sometimes mothers uncover the worst toy ever created in the worst possible way, like one Pennsylvania mom who had to spend an entire weekend knee deep in her regret.

Like most moms, Lisa Hoelzle was getting some housework done when her son Noah informed her that his twin Abigail had “something stuck” on her head.

Kids are not the best at explaining situations- or the urgency of a dilemma – so Lisa walked downstairs to investigate.

There was probably a dozen possible explanations running through her head: a helmet, rubber band, bubble gum…

And any mom of a child with gorgeous locks would cringe at the sight of bubble gum stuck in their child’s hair.

Surprisingly, it was worse!

Lisa was not prepared for the catastrophe that she walked in.

According to her viral Facebook post, her daughter had 150 Bunchems deeply matted throughout her hair.

I post the good …. well here is some of the bad ☹️☹️☹️

Friday at 4pm until Saturday at 10pm was my worst Mom…

Posted by Lisa Tschirlig Hoelzle on Sunday, January 10, 2021


If you are unfamiliar with these small creative toys, they are small balls of various sizes and colors that stick together like Velcro.

Lisa posted about her reaction to the horrendous sight:

“I think I had an out of body experience. Apparently, Noah had poured a container of Bunchems on Abigail’s head being a jokester.”

Lisa knew she didn’t want to cut her daughter’s long, dark hair, so she went to work meticulously removing each tightly wound ball.

Being the mom that “has a bow to match each outfit”, it seemed well worth the effort.

And what a project it turned out to be!

The first 15 Bunchems took three hours to remove, with the rest of the colorful balls coming out with mineral oil and a detangling brush 17 hours later.

The 6-year-old girl was able to keep some length in her hair, but Lisa admits Abigail’s hair is “thinner” than it was prior to the incident.

Many mothers could relate to this catastrophe, which is why Lisa’s post was shared more than 224,000 times.

There were even some parents who had suffered the same mistake with their child.

The company who created the toy, Spin Master, has since put out a warning to keep the small balls away from children’s hair and pets.

Inevitably, there will be another child (probably in the near future) who experiments with these interesting toys by putting them on top of their hair, or they will roll onto them as they are flailing themselves about because they weren’t allowed to have crackers before lunch.

So, if you own this seemingly innocuous toy, throw it away immediately before you spend your weekend stuck in front of the television doing the most mundane and stressful task ever experienced by a mother.

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