Don’t Let Your Child Be Exposed To Friday’s LGBT Day

The public school system has been hijacked by leftist ideals that have tainted our children’s education.

God and morality are being pushed out of academics, and liberal rhetoric on sexual orientation and anti-American values is becoming a mainstay.

With the March for Our Lives movement, it was apparent the biases the public system holds against conservative views, as administration embraced the students promotion of nonsense.

Now, in schools all over the nation kids are going to be pressured into supporting the Lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) community with a day that brings them recognition.

One Million Moms reported:

On Friday, April 27, high schools (and many middle schools) across the country will be hosting the LGBT movement’s annual “Day of Silence.”

During this all-day event, student activists and even school officials encourage students to be silent for the entire day as a sign of solidarity with the international LGBT movement. Students are encouraged to wear special pro-homosexual badges, stickers, and bracelets – which are often handed out at the school entrances that day. There are also pro-LGBT posters in the hallways, handouts, and even workshops.”

Just like the March for Our Lives event that was claimed to be run by the kids, but was heavily influenced by liberal bigwigs, the “Day Of Silence” (DOS) is claiming to be put together by students.

The truth is that the organization Gay, Lesbian & Straight Education Network (GLSEN) has organized the day since it’s conception.

GLSEN was started by two adult women in Massachusetts who thought that attention needed to be brought to students who were getting mistreated in the schools for being homosexual or transgender.

Many kids have joined the organization since then, and have been recruited to do the promotion and participation for the DOS.

Government subsidized schools should not be allowed to inflict our children with harmful propaganda.

As parents and taxpayers, we have an opportunity to tell local officials that it is not okay to subject our children to LGBT material without our permission.

Call your children’s school and ask if there will be students promoting the DOS in their school.

Don’t ask if the administration or school itself is officially promoting the event, because they are not technically in charge of it, so they can tell you they are not involved.

Keep your child home from school this Friday if you don’t want them to be bombarded by students pushing the LGBT agenda, or pressured into wearing DOS merchandise.

If you do keep them home, make sure to call the school administrator and let them know why your child is staying home, and that you don’t appreciate political agendas in the classroom.

The irony of this event being allowed in the public schools is beyond biased.

There has been a couple notable conservative movements in the schools in recent weeks that did not get the support or media coverage that liberal movements received.

Activist Mommy highlighted such bias while reporting on responses to the National Walk Out For Life event, where students walked out of school and gave a moment of silence for the genocide people call abortion:

There was, as expected, plenty of pushback. “Counter-protesters showed up at New Mexico’s Moriarty High School brandishing signs reading ‘Don’t call yourself pro-life if you only value certain lives!’ and ‘Thou Shalt Not Mess With Women’s Reproductive Rights, Fallopians 4:28,’ Church Militant reports. Three California chapters of Refuse Fascism, an organization affiliated with the far-left Antifa movement, also announced plans to protest Hawkins’ speech Wednesday evening at California State University, Fullerton,” Life Site News notes.”

Could you imagine the media coverage and aggressive berating that would occur if LGBT events were met with such offensive opposition?

The GLSEN website writes how the organization wants the DOS to be extended to kids as young as kindergarten.

This is atrocious. Liberals should not have a say in what is, or is not, appropriate for our young children.

California has been a front-runner for indoctrinating our youth and has even sent out a horrifying memo.

Activist Mommy reported:

A shocking memo has been circulating from the Orange County Public School district that clarifies that under the California Healthy Youth Act, while parents may opt out of educational material relating to sexual health or HIV prevention, they may not opt out of curricula that teaches on gender or sexual orientation.”

Left-wing agenda is slowly taking away our rights as parents, especially when it gets in the way of them brainwashing our children.

Bryan Fischer, director of issues analysis at the American Family Association, was spot on when he said to Fox News, “Obviously this is intended to make an impact on the educational environment — otherwise they wouldn’t be doing it at school.”

Be aware of what your children’s schools are allowing when it comes to their education.

When your child is pulled from school for an event or movement that doesn’t align with moral values, that amounts to a pull of funding.

The more parents who speak out, and refuse to allow their kids to be subjected to such apostasy the more they will listen because it reflects on their budget.

Please let us know in the comments section what you think of the “Day Of Silence” in public schools.