Everything You Need To Know About Your Milk Supply

It’s easy to go straight into a full on panic thinking about if you are doing everything right with your baby.

We go nuts reading blogs, posts, and articles on how much sleep the baby should get, if that bump on their leg is contagious, and if they are being starved.

The basic necessities are food and shelter. You know they are under a roof okay, that one is easy, but knowing if you are feeding them the correct amount is not as easy to gauge.

Formula feeding has a certain number of ounces that go into a bottle at specific times, it’s more of an exact science.

Breastfeeding is a whole new ball game. Measuring how many ounces our little one consumes is an educated case, and it seems they never want to eat on a consistent schedule or the same amount of time.

This uncertain agenda can leave a mom feeling like they are in limbo, waiting to count the wet diapers or see what the scale reads on the next checkup.

There are some characteristics of nursing we can monitor that can help us sleep at night, knowing that our chunky cherubs are not withering away.