Everything You Need To Know About Your Milk Supply

  1. Baby Nurses Often

Most babies feel comfortable on the breast, especially in the early months. This constant attachment lets little ones get at least some milk frequently, helping them fuel the quick development from infancy to babyhood.

Breastmilk digests quickly so feeding every 1.5-2 hours is optimal, making sure they don’t get too hungry.

The length of nursing will vary in breastfed children, during a growth spurt they will nurse longer, and when they are extra sleepy they may nurse less.

So, don’t be alarmed if they are clamoring for more milk during a spurt, they will naturally increase the supply by demanding more.

As babies get older, they become more of an ace at the whole nursing game, and may not need to nurse as long as they did in the early months.

Keeping your baby close allows you to be in tune to when they want to nurse and rest, giving them the perfect ratio of comfort.