Fake News Is Just Part Of A Plan Becoming Reality

Mainstream media outlets in the back pocket of the left have increasingly come under fire for using manipulation and fake news to spread their agenda.

Whether through news stories or entertainment avenues like film and television, the progressive agenda has taken hold.

But do you know just how deep the roots of this agenda go, and how complete the manipulation is?

Just ask journalist Chad Felix Greene, who recently called out LGBT media outlets for promoting fake news in order to further their agenda.

Greene’s piece for The Federalist would not be surprising but for the fact that he identifies as a homosexual himself.

Greene caught several outlets this past summer manipulating headlines to incite anger and raise a call to action from the LGBT community.

One example was the introduction of legislation by South Carolina Representative Jeff Duncan, a Republican who is calling for a ban on flying any but the American flag over U.S. embassies.

LGBT outlets like the left-leaning Washington Blade spun the piece to make it sound like the legislation specifically called for a ban against the LGBT rainbow “pride” flag, but this was far from true.

Duncan stated that “The United States flag is the single greatest symbol of freedom the world has ever known, and there’s no reason for anything but Old Glory to be flying over our embassies and posts around the globe.”

Absolutely no specific flag was targeted for a ban, but the story was meant to spur the anger and resentment of the LGBT community.

Another story reported in the Huffington Post ran with the headline “Religious Right Appears Intent On Criminalizing Gay Sex Again.”

But Greene says there is no truth behind the story and that it used “comments by several Christian conservative leaders, some more than a decade old, regarding the nature of homosexuality and the influence of legally recognizing homosexual behaviors”; and that “no one today is even hinting at such an agenda,” according to LifeSite News.

Greene says in the Federalist piece that the LGBT community is manipulating and exploiting its own with “exaggerated narratives designed to inspire fear, resentment, and anger,” and that “a political movement should not have to rely on emotional outrage from truly fake news to be successful.”

What is truly frightening is how deeply-rooted the left’s manipulation and brainwashing has become.

In 1999, authors Marshall Kirk and Hunter Madsen came out with a “guidebook” of sorts for how the LGBT community would take over society.

After the Ball: How America Will Conquer Its Fear and Hatred of Gays in the 90’s lays out a timetable of how the American people would be completely brainwashed by the homosexual agenda in the following decades.

The book aims to attack anyone who does not adopt this progressive agenda as “bigots” and that “unscrupulous tactics, mass deceit, brainwashing, lying and malicious slander, blackmail, intimidation and violence” are part of the plan, according to a review on enigmose.com.

Sound familiar?

That’s because this is exactly what has happened to American society in the last twenty years – the steady implementation of a map towards world domination.

If that sounds like a bit of an exaggeration, don’t be fooled.

The book and other writings by LGBT activist groups detail the importance of taking over the media in all forms – news and entertainment, even sitcoms.

And even more disturbing – take a look at an outline of the LGBT agenda from decades ago that has now become a frightening reality.

Promote homosexuals as “victims” in need of special privileges to avoid discrimination.  Check.

Demand taxpayer funding and national attention to these issues and “victims of intolerance.”  Check.

Force gay marriage on society.  Check.

And what’s next?  Demand that legislation that restricts the number of people who comprise a marriage unit be repealed, repeal laws with a minimum age for sexual consent, destroy sexual morality, and…

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….recruit children.

The book details all of this, and more.  Most of it has already come to pass.  And now we have the confirmation of an unbiased journalist who confirms the manipulation of LGBT outlets against their own to evoke more feelings of discrimination and anger.

Here’s the kicker.  Gallup polls conducted several times in the past decade have determined that Americans far overestimate the population of homosexuals in the nation.

The estimate has hovered around 25 percent for over a decade when in reality, less than 4 percent of Americans are homosexual.  4 percent.

And yet the media would have us believe that conservatives and Christians are the minority.  They have obviously been quite successful in their propaganda.

It’s scary.  It will continue.  And we, the majority, must look past the manipulation to protect our children, the family, and our traditional values.

The left would like us to believe that we have already lost this war, but the numbers tell a different story.

We can rebuild the moral foundation of our nation if we fight this agenda.

What do you think of LGBT media outlets manipulating their own audience in order to spur anger and action to continue to expand the progressive agenda?  Leave us your comments.