Finally A Campaign To Combat The Anti-Homeschoolers At Harvard

Photo by Jessica Lewis on Unsplash


Homeschooling is typically a class all on its own – that is until 55 million students became homeschooled virtually overnight.

Ironically, during this time Harvard Magazine decided to state their very bias opinion against homeschooling.

And just when we thought Harvard had been completely lost to the blind rage of the left, they hosted a campaign to address the propaganda they put out regarding the issue.

Harvard Magazine wrote a completely unfounded piece on the work of Harvard University law professor Elizabeth Bartholet, calling for a ban on homeschooling.

Why would a professor attack education that she apparently has no real concept of?

According to the article, it is because homeschooling “violates children’s right to a ‘meaningful education’ and their right to be protected from potential child abuse,” reports The New York Post.

How does she figure education has no meaning when it is done in a loving, personal environment rather than a group setting that ignores the individual needs of the student?

The funny thing is, evidence shows homeschooled children are generally more academically and socially advanced, sites The New York Post, than those in conventional schools.

In a 2004 report from the US Department of Education, it was sadly found that 1 in 10 students in public school will be a victim to sexual misconduct by the time they walk the stage the end of senior year.

So is it homeschooling we really need to be digging into here?

Some elite academic scholars must not think so, because the Kennedy School of Government is now going to host an online conference to discuss the university’s “dishonest attacks on homeschooling, reports Activist Mommy.

May 1, the Ideological Diversity organization at the Kennedy School is hosting “The Disinformation Campaign Against Homeschooling” online conference, The Daily Caller informs us.

In a surprise turn of events, the conference will address the negative media attention around homeschooling, and “the failures of public education.”

This is much more a “threat” to “children and society” than homeschooling is, to use Bartholet’s words when she was referring to the alternative education.

Bartholet believes homeschooling teaches “female subservience”, but she couldn’t be farther from reality.

She obviously hasn’t captured the attention of young, eager minds as you shape them to become the next generation of confident leaders and game-changers in the industry of their choice.

Cevin Soling, President of Ideological Diversity, sees the contradiction between the facts and the message being delivered by those with a large soapbox.

The problem is not just Harvard,” Soling says according to Activist Mommy. “Many journalists and public figures are also deliberately ignoring data.”

One positive consequence Soling is confident we will see from children having to be homeschooled in 2020 is a decline in adolescent suicides.

Another aspect that can’t be ignored is how moms everywhere are being empowered by having education back into their hands and not the states.

As the Supreme Court ruled in 1924, “the child is not the mere creature of the state.”

It’s about time we started acting like it.

The conference from the Kennedy School will host Reason Foundation director of school choice Corey DeAngelis, Cato scholar and homeschooling mom Kerry McDonald, author Patrick Farenga, and Alliance for Self-Directed Education president Peter Gray.

You can view the conference for free online by visiting the event page.