“Gay Pride” Video Involves Roundtable With Children

A shocking video marketed to children was just released to promote “gay pride month” and you won’t believe what it said.

This video stoops to a new low and is being shown to children in hopes to get them to buy into the LGBT agenda.

But the video goes deeper and showcases the chilling war taking place with our children at the center, and it’s worse than anyone ever imagined.

No longer are LGBT activists satisfied at marketing their agenda to adults.

They have launched a massive campaign geared specifically towards children.

As Mommy Underground previously reported, stores like J.Crew have developed “gay pride” shirts specifically for children.

And Disney has released their rainbow Mickey Mouse Ears, hoping to use children as a way to market their agenda.

But a shocking video was just released with a roundtable discussion, actually using children as the participants.

The video opens with a woman waving a rainbow flag stating “Happy pride everybody!”, as the children around the table smile and yell back enthusiastically “Happy pride!

The woman goes on to ask the children questions such as “Who here knows what gay pride means?” and questions their views on homosexual marriage.

But she doesn’t stop there.

She continues to hound these children attempting to brainwash them, asking them what it would be like to have two moms or two dads.

Clearly, the children have no idea they are being used as a pawn for the LGBT activists to pass around the video showing that children “support” their way of life.

The woman goes on to start naming off LGBT celebrities, admitting she had a crush on one of them as a child after seeing her naked in a show.

The fact parents would allow their children to be part of this discussion is even more horrific.

Children are innocent, they haven’t yet been tainted by the world, and for grown adults to prey on their vulnerabilities is repulsive, and unconscionable.

The video closes with the woman asking the children what they are to the LGBT community, in which the children respond with phrases like “I’m a gay icon”, or “I’m a gay alley”.

Of course, the children have no idea what they are saying, but that won’t stop LGBT folks from using it to further their cause.

As a mother, it’s hard to watch this video without wanting to reach out and cover their ears, as they listen to such leftist propaganda.

The LGBT community is so desperate to get buy-in, they’ve mastered a plan at attacking children, and sadly it seems to be working.

As Mommy Underground previously reported, the once beloved Boy Scouts now include girls.

And children at schools are being forced to sit through “transgender” transition ceremonies.

Liberals need to keep their hands off of children.

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Not only do videos like the one mentioned above groom children for sexual abuse, by teaching children to say they are “gay icons”, but they are harmful to the very development of young minds.

You can watch the video below and see for yourself the horrific message being taught to our children.

But as a word of caution, this video is sure to infuriate you.

What are your thoughts on the “gay pride” ally video marketed to children?

Do you think children should be involved in the promotion of LGBT values?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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