Get That Quality Time You Both Need With Mother-Daughter Dates

Being a modern mom means that you are juggling a hundred things, all while putting immense pressure on yourself to be the best mom possible.

This is a hard act to maintain, and sometimes we just want to stop the clock and bask in the blessing of our children.

Why not take a day to give your daughter some much needed one-on-one time, letting her know that despite the hectic world around you, there is always time for her.

There are tons of fun mother-daughter bonding activities that will not only create memories that last, but bring you closer together in the process.


1. Create Art

A guided art class of some sort would be best, taking a lot of the stress of planning what to create out of the picture.

There are paint classes, ceramics class, and sewing classes that would all be creative and fun.

Use the time together to discuss anything that you may have missed recently in your daughter’s life, how she likes her teachers, if she has any crushes, or what things have interested her lately.

Working on a project while talking helps take the pressure off your daughter, making conversation much easier than siting at home without any distractions.

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